First Time Physical Examination!

Posted: March 8, 2011 in Funny Moments
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Have you ever gone for a physical examination? Many are going through it around the globe everyday. When you apply for a job, you’ve got to undergo physical examination, when you want to go abroad, the same, and in some College Institutions, they require physical examination before admitting someone in their school. Indeed, physical examination is a must!

I used to be really ignorant regarding this thing until the day I was subjected to it. Of course, I often hear the words physical examination but what happens during a physical examination was then a mystery to me, I never was interested.

My first time was when I tried to apply as an OJT in a company in Baguio month and day forgotten in the year 2007. The company required us (all the applicants who passed the IQ test and interview) to undergo physical examination. The company provided the doctors – a female doctor for the girls and a male doctor for us, boys.

I was not absorbed in the company, though. I don’t know why. There was no news about my application, so was the others (I guess). Later on, the company laid off many employees; consequently, I assumed, there was no chance landing on that company. Then after months, they had an ad looking for female OJTs.

Anyway, first times are always funny that you always have them cherished. As you reminisce, experiences like these make you smile and often times help you alleviate your mood.

During the physical examination.

Other applicants were already through when I arrived. I filled up a form and then submitted it to a nurse near me – some of the nurses were student-nurses, they were all smiling and I felt a little uncomfortable. The student nurses and nurses recorded my BP, my weight, height, checked on my eye vision, took my urine, and stool, too, was required but I was only able to provide them the following day. I just cannot that day. Do you know the feeling that when you have to provide them, it just cannot come out? That was how I felt.

After going though meticulously with all those things, I queued in the line they motioned me. When I was already next to the first in line, the female doctor called me to enter her room.

“Oh, why is she calling me to her room?” was my thought when I walked towards her room a little rattled.

She let me sat down; she looked on the form I filled a while ago and said, “I will check some of the things doctor will check to minimize the time.”

Heehah! She placed her stethoscope on my chest and back then after a minute she checked my mouth and teeth, wrote something on my record then instructed me to return to my line. Relieved from the tension I had, I walked out the room and queued with the others.

When I entered the (male) doctor’s room he motioned me to sit in front. The doctor went over my form and asked me some questions and subsequently, told me to take off my shirt and pants. Turning red, I undid my shirt and pants. I was still on my underwear confused whether to remove it or not. I was thinking everything was weird and funny.

To my surprise, the doctor said, “Mr. Sam, your underwear, too.”

I guest there was a sudden rise of blood to my face. Shyly, I complied with his instruction. It was so gross… so embarrassing! I never thought that to go though a physical examination, I had to do all those things.

The doctor pointed to the bed and made me lie down on my back and in some positions I was not comfortable with and did some examinations – probing every part of my body and checking my anus even by inserting his finger. It was really embarrassing and I thought of not including that thing here, but anyway, that’s an experience. Hahaha.

After some minutes of shame in total nude, the doctor was done with me. He told me to put on back my clothes and then I exited the room.

“Whew!” at last I said relieved, “I was out of that four-cornered hall of shame!”##

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