Horror and Error

Posted: March 8, 2011 in English, Tagalog
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Horror and Error
by Samwel

The moon was shining in silvery color. I was panting hard. The water on the paved street reflected the moons’ full image which heightened my trembling. The street dog howled again for the third time. My sweat was all over my face down to my neck then down my back and else where.  I was shaking hard. I can hear my heart’s beat. I felt my hot breath on my lips. I was whispering my prayers to God to protect me. My eyes were wide open; my ears were ever sensitive of any sound. I was running away from that hideous being!


I turned my head with my eyes searching who or what caused the sound.

My eyes were fixated on the dog that caused the sound. My right hand was searching for anything that I could use to shield my self if ever the dog will make a decisive move to attack me.

I waited for a moment but the dog passed in front of me.

“It’s a dog,” I whispered.

I stood up, looked around and when I saw that the street was clear, I ran fast. I know that any moment, she might appear.

I’ve got to reach the church before she appears, I thought.

The church was my only hope. “The church could protect you,” I heard from my friends, and I believe from the bottom of my heart that the church can really protect me; I’m sure about that. My mind was all alert.

I saw the church; I was close. I’ve got to get inside. I moved fast, ran faster than I ever thought of. I reached for the knob but the door was ajar. I gave a little push and it opened with a creaking sound. I step inside and closed it immediately. It never occurred to me to bolt it.

The sound from the organ met me and filled my ears. I saw someone sitting and playing. I should had felt better but I was still trembling. My feet were shaking hard and it was hard to move.  I looked at my hands and they were trembling.

With hope and faith, I started to move close to the person playing the organ. It was hard to move but I succeeded. The music started to play on a faster rhythm and the sound went booming. I grasped for air; the music filled the whole church. There was something different in the music. There was something eerie in it. It chilled me out.

I touched the person’s back and opened my mouth to warn him. He turned his head but before I was able to say a word, I felt someone standing on my back.

I turned my head. My gray eyes grew big! My face turned white! I hardly can breathe! My lips quivered. My mouth dropped open, my throat dried! Terror struck me!

I saw dark red eyes and two fangs as she smiled. Then, her hands move to my head, then I felt pain.

“No! Don’t kill me!” I begged, “I want to live! Stop!”

“Walang hiya kang bata ka! Pinagod mo ako kahahabol sa iyo! Saka wag mo nga akong iniingles ingles! Hala, tara! Panay Dota lang ang alam mo! Uwi na!” came her shrieking voice while pulling the hair in my temple. She was my mother.

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