Can You Trust Them?

Posted: March 9, 2011 in Philosophy (daw), The Many Facets of Love (Pag-ibig nanaman)
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This must be the trust I am referring to!

I do not intend to mean when I say trust the brand of the elastic rubber which you buy in drug stores or any stores or taken free from your friends. Neither do I mean trust, the verb, the action to mean, to shove deeper and deeper. What I mean to say is the noun trust… the feeling, or something to do with feelings, belongingness, trust that is needed for a relationship to last long, trust that is needed to succeed, trust that is needed before you yield your life over someone, trust which is one foundation of love, trust that is missing or lacking in our community, trust that has been broken, trust that never will come back, trust that is not easily given and trust that is forsaken.

Oh-no.. not this kind of trust!

It’s a great surprise that despite words such as I love you, I care for you and other tender promising words, the word ‘trust’ is often missing which with certainty, I say, brought about dismal outcomes. Jealousy, hatred, broken-hearted, broken family stemmed (if not truly stemmed) from lack of trust.

The absence of trust causes catastrophic phenomena in one’s life or one’s relationship with other people. Because of this, the result is resentment. We rail against why we did not trust one person for a thing and as a result is one of those mentioned above. We review what went wrong when a relationship was suddenly crashed when we saw everything was going perfect, and we end with the simple word ‘non-trust’.

There is an old story circulating about a boy on a plane. While in the air, suddenly, turbulence from the engine was heard. The plane started to fly unsteady. Everyone on the plane started to panic. The flight attendants, although, you hear them say to be calm and everything will be alright, you can clearly see terrors in their eyes. Plane crash! That was ringing in everyone’s mind. Amidst confusion and horror aboard, there was a boy sitting quietly and comfortably eyeing everyone. Moments passed and the plane was flying smoothly in the air. The panic in each face ceased.

A passenger who sited beside the boy noticed the calmness in his face, asked him why he seemed composed when everyone was crying for their life.

The boy answered that the pilot is his father and he trusts his father that he could have everything under control.

Could you be like the boy on the plane trusting his father even during such event? Trust is not that easily given, especially to those we just come to know. It is just like respect which is not freely given but is earned or must have bases for doing so. Should you trust someone for your life? Should you trust your love one for a better relationship? Should you trust your business partners? Your boyfriend? Your girlfriend? The boy next door? The girl next door? Your friend whom you think is trying to seduce your boyfriend or girlfriend? The smiling face of a man or a woman you met for the first time? Or the secretary of your husband? The friend of your wife or husband who seems to be hiding secrets from you? You decide. The decision is all yours to take. The consequences, however, is for both of you to feel.

Imagine if this really would happen….

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