Heart and a Broken Heart

Posted: March 9, 2011 in Poetry (emotional flush)
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picture taken on the net

For those who are in-love and think that it’s all that matters; that even death has no power over them, neither would it dare have a peek ofthem – only angels showering them flowers and lurking them to their enchanted singing, finding themselves in awe of the eternal blazing fire in their hearts:

The flowers are blooming
With the wind, the leaves are dancing
The birds are singing
Melodies so sweet and pleasing.

That’s how it feels to be in-love – everything is colorful, you dont get weary but always afresh and always rejuvenated. But it does not stop there, there is more to that:

Your hands around me
Secure, they make me
Your kisses on to my lips
Bring me eternal bliss.

With you by my side
A gloomy day turns bright
No mountains I cannot hike
Even death cannot make us apart.

But anyways, all stories have their endings – either factual or not, a love story or otherwise. And for those who once had fallen in-love with someone, that at first found solace but then suddenly the rhyming bells started to beat off synchronization; for when they thought it was pure bliss that suddenly they were struck with terror.

photo taken on the net

You led me to Olympus
Abode of love
Aphrodite’s court
The dwelling’s of the gods.

You gave me ambrosia
The food for my heart;
You gave me the elixir of life
I felt loved and warmed.

But with one swoop
You’ve stripped me naked
Jailed in the deepest of the abyss
Left alone cold and dehydrated.

The blue moon turned black
The starts hid their twinkling light
I was suffocated
Then I was dead.

  1. lalabear says:

    ay eh tlaga met ah . pero maganda sia . hay kakainis nawala na un blogs ko sa friendster kakainis dami pa un

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