Infidel Mind

Posted: March 9, 2011 in English
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She was the envy of many. She got all what she wanted – boys, things, and she was one step ahead to the limelight of stardom. There never was a time that she was ignored by boys for she was the fantasy of every Adam, and she got friends who always were jealous of her luscious beauty, thinking why they were not blessed with the same. With just a smile, she would perturb the guys… but that was until one day, when she realized she did not have everything she wanted.

She glanced at herself for the last time on the big-sized mirror before she made her way out of the house to meet her boyfriend. She was wearing an old faded fit blue jeans that showed her big sexy butt and long legs. She paired it with a red short shirt. On top of her shirt was an open black jacket that suited her well, which further showed her simple elegance. Her breasts were noticeably big like roses in full bloom. She was wearing no mascara; a little powder and a lip gloss were all on her face.

“Wow! You’re so sexy!” exclaimed Rico, hey boyfriend, while making big strides toward Angela. Rico moved to give her a kiss. She opened her mouth beckoning him in and they lavishly took their moments to fulfill their desires. Her breath smelled like strawberry.

“Ready?” teased Rico after a moment, looking at Angela’s eyes in a flirty manner.

“You bet,” equated Angela with a sweet smile on her face. The tone of her voice and the sweet smile painted on her lips made Rico to desire her more. Her long curly hair added more charisma, and her teasing eyes made her irresistible. Rico made an attempt to kiss Angela one more time before he opened his car motioning her in.

Rico’s lips slowly moved towards Angela’s. They were in a private room somewhere in town. They were staying overnight. Angelica parted her lips and let Rico probed in. Rico’s hands started to undress Angelica who did not mind getting naked in front of him. Rico stopped kissing her and looked passionately at Angela’s body. He was ablazed and rejuvenated. He hurriedly undressed himself ready for the fight. He slowly laid her down on the bed and returned to kissing her.

Angelica gasped when she felt the cool air on her naked body. She made her decision before she went out with Rico. She wanted to make it with Rico. Rico was her boyfriend for already 3 months. Although Rico had never asked something like that, she deemed, though, right for Rico to have her.

Rico’s hands landed on her breasts and carefully caressed them and went downward. He moved his mouth and kissed them. She was writing in pleasure. After sometime, Rico moved and slowly moved down to her’s. She responded to Rico’s movements and she felt sheer ecstasy. The room was filled with moans of pleasure. While her body automatically responded to her boyfriend’s movement, her mind suddenly traveled five years back when she was in the same situation, but not with Rico but to a guy she loved till that very moment. She was desperate that time of showing how she loved him even to the point of yielding her body. She did everything to please him and she did not regret the first time she surrendered herself. Although there was pain, it was pure bliss.

She mentally pictured the man’s face. “Ohhhhh,” she groans. She felts Rico’s movements getting faster, and she moved in rhythm.

“Paulllloooooo,” she wailed as she reached her orgasm, her hands on Rico’s hair. She opened her eyes and saw Paulo’s face. “Paulo,” she moaned for the second time.

Rico was suddenly taken aback and halted from his movements. He was mortified to hear an unfamiliar name from Angela’s lips at the peak of their love-making. Furrow lines appeared on his forehead. His eyes were questioning. He asked who Paulo was; his demeanor changed. He then lurched.

“What?” asked Angela in confusion after bouncing back to reality. Then she realized what had just happened. She covered her mouth in despair.

“Who the hell is Paulo?” shouted Rico, desperate of knowing who Paulo was, yet afraid of learning the truth. His fists clenched in anger yet unable to lay a finger on Angela.

“I… I…m sor..ry,” Angelica whispered on the verge of tears. Then crystals of water started to flow from her eyes. “I’m sorry, I did not mean it.”

Rico was furious. He cannot accept it. He put on his garments and made his way out of the room. Angela was left alone, crying in vain.

While it was true that she was the envy of many, she felt unloved for the man she loved, she cannot get… the man who made her mind infidel.

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