Mara and Clara, A Breathtaking Drama?

Posted: March 9, 2011 in Uncategorized
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The teleserye of ABS-CBN Mara Clara has become a hit drama; old people and youngsters alike are equally hooked to it, anticipating what would happen next. Moreover, although I am no fan of the drama, I find it very fascinating that I hear it everywhere I go. The acting and the story must be so effective and affective that people cannot help themselves reacting to it.

Here are some of the comments regarding the teleserye on the episode where Mara was supposedly died:

i really fuckin hate gary. from head to toe! he’s so fucking plastic. pretending that he didn’t do the bombing where mara and clara are locked up. and i don’t think so that lenita is still alive. ’cause she’s doing that scary look to gary and she’s wearing white.

hallerr!!! kung buhay c Lenita,ang kapal naman ng face niya para pumunta sa burol ni Mara,and besides guys…..kilala siya ni Clara.

Gary, ang plastik mo tsong! galing mong umarte. bagay kang kontrabida. pag nagkita tayo, sasakalin talaga kita.

And here is a video about a young girl, whose heart was was devastated by the thought that Mara died during the explosion in the drama, calling Mara’s name for sometime.

  1. carlos cabanas says:

    Its amazing how this teleserye affects the lives of millions watching this drama on tv including me in particular. It is just unfortunate that once you are so hook up with it then out of the blue the story unexpectedly turn from its utmost thrill to agony in the minds of all who like it so much. the twist did not do justice to all viewers and to the lead role herself. You can blame this saga to the creator ( E. cruz ) for being inept and mindless. I should say, not up to the good outcome ’till the story ends. However i still rate this teleserye OK but inferior to PANGARAP NA BITUIN with sarah g.,majah, and n.gil, as wells as the one played by jake cuenca and roxanne ginoo. It is even not up to the teen princess played by sarah g. and mark bautista.
    Always bear in mind that a happy ending stimulates the brain of everybody who are addicted to drama.

    • sedbloggy says:

      that’s the good thing about the drama; it has so many twists and turns. i guess the teleserye is far from the end and there is much yet to see.youll find out in the end if it’s worth it.

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