Virtue of a Woman

Posted: March 9, 2011 in Poetry (emotional flush), The Many Facets of Love (Pag-ibig nanaman)
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—–This poem is dedicated to all the moms out there——

There is a woman I know
A woman of love, devotion and care;
Her feelings, her sorrows and pains
So profound to be understood so less I care…

The woman, one time for less than a year
Nurtured a man she carried
To protect him, her wings she hovered
Taking all the pains;
Sacrificing everything;
What a virtue she has, just to protect the man who knew her not!

And the time came for the woman to meet that man
Without hesitation even to lose her life if that is for the man
For all she cared was for the man to see the world;
So thoughtful, and so deep,
He’s all that matters!
What a love it is!

The man descended forth
From the bliss of innocence, he smiled,
Smile so sweet and tender; then
He reached for the woman who was crying
For he found a refuge
A place that will give him warmth
A shelter that will protect him — the woman!

The woman who was once in pain smiled
Her eyes were on the man who slumbered in peace
All her aches vanished in a twinkle of an eye
She was happy
She was filled with joy
She smiled
She talked to the man even though the man did not understand.

The man grew in knowledge and wisdom
He knew what the woman’s name means
He knew what pain is and what joy is
But one thing he failed to understand —
He never was able comprehend the woman.

Now the woman walks with the man
Trudging with him along hill path highways
Comforting him, and caressing him with love
For she cares
She always does
She loves him
For he is her son; and she is the mother.

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