The Proof for Evolution Has Arrived: The Missing Link has Been found!

Posted: March 11, 2011 in Philosophy (daw)
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For centuries, the origin of man has been one of the centers of debate between atheists and theists; the first clinging on the so-called scientific view, and the latter to the theistic view or creation view. This issue is a “hot-spot” for all times that professionals and non-professionals alike spew pun and mockery against each other.

The Scientific View suggests many explanations on the origin of man but among those many theories, evolution is the most known. Evolution explains that there is no design in the cosmos but rather everything is in a constant flux and everything thereof is a product of change overtime. There are at least seven stages in the evolution theory but the most known is the three of life evolution that was first offered by Charles Darwin in his Origin of Species, and later popularized in the biology classes. This explains that all living things share common ancestry, a single celled organism that evolved from a rock to the different life forms you see today. The Creation View on the other hand, proposes an Omnipotent Omniscient God whose words brought into existence the universe and all in it. This implies design and order from a higher power. Human were created as they are today; they produce according to their own kind. They did not evolve from different species. The last view, the Theistic View implores the eclectic approach. The believers of this view say that God was the first cause and used evolution in the process – this means that God created the first single cell and had it evolved into the different life forms you see today.

Unknown to many, Charles Darwin’s Origin of Species proposes evolution by natural selection. Natural selection is what is called blending with the environment for survival or survival of the fittest. This involves small changes that do not create new species; also known as microevolution, the seventh stage in the evolution theory. Creationists insist that by definition, natural selection cannot be used as proof for the origin of man, since natural selection involves only small changes – example is new breed of dog, they are still dogs; and they do not create cats from dogs. This process, creating cats from a different species is called macroevolution, the sixth in the stages of evolution.

Evolutionists will say that the two processes, micro and macroevolution, cannot be separated or be differentiated. A series of microevolution equals to macroevolution. But creationists insist that they are two different processes, thus, distinguishable. In a from of pun, creationists created the term “missing link”, the so called missing fossils that could patch the gap between ape and human evolution (or macroevolution), because if a series of microevolution equals to macroevolution then, there must be fossils of evolving ape to human that could prove macroevolution.

Just lately, however, the missing link has been discovered. It has been found. Click here to see images of the missing link. password is 123

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