Is it Love or Money?

Posted: March 14, 2011 in Philosophy (daw)

Which is more important, Love or Money?

Oh yeah, this is some kind of an ancient question, a question worth leaving in the ‘baul ni lola Basyang’ yet still worth asking ourselves.


Which do you choose?

When asked by someone of this question, I know your answer would be love. Yes, of course, that’s a sign of being Filipino —- love, love, love is our favorite topic! God is love; money cannot buy all happiness; money is the root of all evil, etc.

Or, you are in love with the Eagles Band and love their songs so your answer is love:

Girl 1: Which is more important, love or money?
Girl 2: Love
Girl 1: Why?
Girl 2: “Love will keep us alive! Yeah huh!!!”

But, if your answer is money….

Girl 1: Which is more important, love or money?
Girl 2: Money
Girl 1: Money ka kase mukha kang pera! (You choose money because you look like money! Hahaha)

So, with this kind of mind set some people have, you are pushed to choosing love; you do not want to be dubbed “Mukhang Pera”. But is love really more important that money, or money is more important than love?

I must say, love and money are equally important this day. If you have all the love but have nothing to eat, how can you say love is more important? Interestingly to note that without money, how can you send your children to school? And worst, without food set on the table can start a quarrel that could end in a bad result. On the contrary, if you have lots of money yet living alone, so what’s the use of money? Buy love? Probably so. Money alone can not bring true happiness. At the same time, love alone cannot take charge of hungry stomach.

So, I’m still leaving you with the question, which is more important, love or money?

  1. Butchikay says:

    Is it love or money??? for me i choose both. If you want to be satisfied and contented with your life, you should have money and love.

    Kung puro love lang pero walang pera how was that? mabubuhay ka ba ng pagmamahal lang? and i believe na when your stomach crunches at wala ng mapakain sa mga anak, mabubusog ba ng pagmamahal ang mga anak na nagugutom?? as the older ones says, “nawawala ang pagmamahal kapafg kumakalam na ang sikmura” and i think that’s merely true. One of the factors of broken families nowadays is because of poverty, financial problems…
    *pinatay ng ama ang anak dahil wala ng mapakain at kahirapan
    *mag-asawa naghiwalay dahil sa kahirapan
    *asawang babae sumama sa mayaman… so on and so forth

    how can you send your children in good schools if you don’t have money or how can you fill their needs??? okay lang sana kung mabubuhay ng hotdog and monay tama ba??

    on the contrary, I believed that if a man loves his wife, kahit gaano pa sila kahirap siya ay magtyatyaga at magsisipag para itaguyod ang kanyang mga anak at asawa… Well, how many men nowadays ang ganyan? matatalino na din ang mga lalaki now, they want a wife also na stable and with money para kung sakaling tamarin sila ay mabubuhay sila ng asawa nilang babae… sad but true, na dapat sila talaga ang breadwinner.


    most girls, specially today, pinipili ang money more than love. Well if you only want money only,and engaging with someone because of money, try to practice hardening your stomach hehehe..
    How can you sleep with someone you don’t even love? and everytime you wake up ang nakikita mo lang sa noo niya ay MONEY. your so lucky if you learned to love him habang nagsasama kayo, pero to those persons na nakikisama lang because of money, i think that’s feeling is hell.

    On the contrary, magiging maganda ang kinabukasan ng mga anak because may pera ang magulang. Wag lang magkakaroon ng broken family, or kung maghiwalay man meron pa rin…

    Advice sa mga taong ginagamit ang utak for money:

    Magparami ng pera then balikan ang tunay na minamahal hahaha.

    kaya for me both. love and money will make your life satisfied.

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