Perceiving Reality: Does Evil Exist?

Posted: March 22, 2011 in Philosophy (daw)
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Yes, evil exists!

The standard for morality is defined individually or shared between families and or in the community. These moral standards are contrived concepts and are relative. These standards created the dichotomy of good and evil. It means that the moral laws exist not to remind everyone that anyone falling short or found wanting in these standards of what is good, is evil, but rather, these moral standards exist to create evil and good, and that good and evil are not universal but subject to change as according to how a person or group perceives something according to the moral law.

Without these standards, there will never be evil and there never will be good. With the presence of the measuring stick, evil and good were born. And so, evil is not the absence of good and vice-versa, for good cannot exist without evil and evil cannot exist without good; they are dependent upon each other. To murder someone is not the absence of not to murder; but it is the presence of the definition of what is murder. Without the definition, there is no murder and there is no no-murder.

Mang Pepe stealthily took an old woman’s wallet with plenty of money. Mang Pepe used the money to send his dying son to a hospital because no hospital would like to take them without deposit. Now, was Mang Pepe’s doing an evil scheme or not?

A person outside Mang Pepe’s norm will say that he is evil. But to Mang Pepe, what he did is not evil. This proves that evil is subjective, and it does exist.

Moreover, evil takes form. A person said:

“ Oddly enough, evil has taken form. Yes it has. Evil has taken the form of my Ex-Wife.”


  1. There are cases where a little evil is a positive good. (Like what Mang Pepe did.) There are people that act in evil ways (to do good) as a result of an evil world.

  2. sedbloggy says:

    @ mang Lawrence, that proves that morality is subjective and never objective.

  3. PadrePio says:

    Evil is a relative thing. And although differently defined, depending on what society you are currently in, evil does exist. So if you live in a society that has, since its beginnings, considered doing good as an evil thing, and you have done good, then you are evil.

    Ang gulo ko, no. lol

    (Pakibura na lang yung una. May syntactical error kasi. lols)

    • sedbloggy says:

      @ PadrePio, that’s very correct. When good is perceived as evil in a society, doing good would surely make you evil, so don’t even try doing good as to be not dubbed evil, but do evil, which is not doing good, to be dubbed good.

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