Email Alert: Learn not to Click Open

Posted: March 26, 2011 in Uncategorized
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I opened my email yesterday and found bulks of notices from facebook. Heck, how do I change my facebook setting that I need not receive volumes of notices. I think I already modified my facebook setting but still, it wont listen; it keeps sending me notices. And so, all I do everyday is to click “check all” then hit “delete” button. Everyday scenario, it is!

So after cleaning my Inbox with my magical broom stick, presto, I felt refreshed, anew of my clean environment; no more messy messages eh.

Time to visit my infamous Spam, where all the crawling eerie foul smelly uninvited swamp living shrieking ghosts dwell.  My buster must be very good to screen and decide which with all my messages should be staying in this slough.

Just looking at the titles of the messages would make you really think that they were just some kind of worms, sneaking and trying to be part of your life — life, yes, life. Life in the sense that they will try to engulf you in their scam or make you angry with your suddenly bugged down computer with their sheep looking monsters – trojan.

There were two messages from United Parcel Service and I know that those were maliciously sent to me. There were messages from them before but I did not bother to open them. I’ve sent them to my always smiling friend, Trash. Trash doesnt complain and I salute him for that.  Yesterday was different though. Well, know what, I read the content and here’s the message:

Then I asked myself, am I?

But why is it inverted?

Can you read it?

Kidding. That was not the message, here’s the copy of the message:

And as you’ve noticed, there’s an attachment. Don’t ever try to open the attachment, unless you want to reformat your PC or you’ve got antivirus like Kaspersky Internet Security 2011.

I definitely know, that like the trojan horse offering of the Greeks to the Trojans, there are hiding knights in there waiting for the best time to sneak and kill me. Yes, me, I, and myself.  But as they say, curiosity killed the mouse, no, im not saying I’m a mouse and that I will be get killed like the mouse, what I am saying here is, I was curious, that all. So, I was curious to know what would happen and bingo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes, I was lucky to have Kaspersky Internet Security 2011, otherwise, this could have happened to me:

Nasty as hell !

One of my customers opened this e-mail and…………

If you install the drive with the virus in another computer just to scan it with an antivirus program it will kill the main boot drive.On boot when the computer reads the drive with the virus it automatically takes over the 1st boot posistion and kills all other hard drives in the system.

well, what can I say? They should have read my blog first before they opened the attachment. Fish (Peace)

  1. Lawrence says:

    I also receive one of those little wiggly worms disguise as a parcel notification. What the heck, I’ve been expecting to receive a parcel way overdue so I’m too eager to open it. And… booooom……. my computer just went black…. coz it was shut down by my ever watchful guard….l ESET NOD32….

  2. sedbloggy says:

    hahaha, eksakto pa kuya na may inaantay ka eh no :D:D good thing your antivirus shutdown. i wonder though, ESET NOD is not that good. tried using it and i prefer the free avira.

    but now am using kaspersky internet security 2011. cracked,though :D:D then searched for working keys 😀 and presto, like a newly purchased antivirus… working as hell. 😛

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