The Durian, bow!

Posted: March 31, 2011 in Funny Moments
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Durian is a fruit with a spiky shell :). It looks like a jackfruit but smaller in size.

I never had a chance to eat one until this morning. When I was in the elementary grade (grade 5), I first learned of durian in our (Filipino) textbook; we had the story about the origin of durian. Accordingly, on the grave of the ugly princess, a durian tree grew up. The fetid stinking fart-like smell of the fruit represent the ugly appearance of the princess while the delicious salivating taste of it represent her good heart. That vivid description of the fruit was instilled in my mind until this morning when I saw and eat one.

The durian’s smell is not that really bad. The smell is not bad neither is good; its like the smell is in between but with a distinct aroma that will make you smell it somehow.

When I tasted it, it was like, oh my god, it was no better than a chesa; a palm size fruit that is yellow in color and has a big seed inside. I would even prefer eating papaya than durian. So, in the end, my spirit was crushed to learn that it did not taste good. 😛 Durian stinks and tastes bad 🙂 curse you durian, curse you! hahaha.. kidding 🙂

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