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Story of Joanne

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from my archive: feb. 1, 2009

Whew! Im back from my trip to Baguio! The sleepless travel and the feeling that my butt was punched for having to sit 6-7 hours in the bus was over. Smiling and energetic, I am that today.

Baguio was my preference for work because of its weather and I’ve got an aunt there who for sure could help me when I’m into troubles; thus, my application in a call center, Baguio. (more…)

Nang unang araw na ako’y iyong masilayan
Naramdaman ko, gusto mo akong tadyakan
Ngunit nagtimpi ka, kunyaring wala lan’
Pero minu-minuto, akoy pinagdidiskitahan. (more…)

Memoir of a Young Boy

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Living in a rural area, life was never easy for us; although our parents were able to sent us to school and they gave us baon ‘packed lunch, and money for mirienda’.

When I was at a young age, my mom would cook pan cake or turon ‘friend banana wrapped in flour’ and would sell it to the neighborhood. In an eager demeanor (although not all the time I was eager to sell because it would mean I cannot play), I would walk in the neighborhood and sell my goods.  I would sell them one peso each, and I go home with plenty of money.

My mom's pan cake did not look like this, but they resemble the same 😀


Being a student was hard. Sometimes you’ve got to be awake up to 12 or 1 in the morning to prepare for examinations and again wake up 4 am to prepare for the same. I have not experienced this, though, because I was a lazy ass when it comes to reviewing, but my boardmates did, that’s why I know it; but definitely, being a student was hard. Every now and then, you’ve got to stretch your money allowance because of the endless projects your teachers and professors will require of you, and at times, you’ve got to content yourself with crumbs of bread to satisfy your growling stomach; I was thankful to my boardmates that they paid me and or treated me to lunch or supper for making their assignments and projects. 😀 (more…)

We had a quarrel! I was pissed and was angry. I wouldn’t listen to anything she says. I closed my ears. My mind did not respond to her words. I totally shunned every avenue of understanding in my mind.

Then from nowhere, I heard some little sobs. The sobs started to get uncontrolled. Then I heard her cry.


The doctrine of salvation somehow divides the Christiandome. Some say that salvation is by faith alone, some say it is by grace and others say it is by grace and by faith, or is by work. Some also believe that it is by faith and by works, while some are more into by grace through faith or by grace through faith plus work. (more…)


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The “Rome” series of HBO was produced in 2006-2007. It’s quite an old movie but I thought I might give it a try (I actually did not know that it was old). (more…)

A boy of a very young age gyrating to show off of his talent with tears teeming down from his cheeks created a negative impact against the Willing Willie show and the main cast, the infamous Willie Revillame. (more…)

I got this from the net while surfing a website. It’s kinda funny and well, it’s very informative… ha ha ha: