Wiling Willie Controversy on Jan Jan Estrada, the boy who gyrated on the show

Posted: April 5, 2011 in Uncategorized
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A boy of a very young age gyrating to show off of his talent with tears teeming down from his cheeks created a negative impact against the Willing Willie show and the main cast, the infamous Willie Revillame. In the March 12 episode of the Willing Willie, Jan Jan Estrada bravely stepped forward to showcase his talent; macho dancing, but while doing the performance, tears suddenly descended from his eyes.

According to the boy, he cried because he saw the kapre, the tall person, Balingit, and he was afraid of him/her.

I hate the guts of Willie, but anyone who have seen this episode with a candid heart will really see that there was no child abuse that happened.

Jan Jan dancing:

  1. norany says:

    sumayaw lng si jan jan’ walang masama don hndi nman pinilit ni willie na sumayaw cya….walang child abuse na nangyari” mahal na mahal ka ng mga tao wilie, sa mga taong sumisira sayo,, kakarmahin din sila… hindi natutulog ang dyos;;;

  2. sows says:

    i saw the whole episode. that of youtube’s edited version/s.

    aside from crying, giving 10k after the dance/crying talent portion the second time around, i cant see anything wrong w/ what had happened. media were just exaggerating things up. and the psychiatrist/psychologist Carandang is (as they say) into ABS CBN’s side plus DSWD’s misjudging the child’s parents most especifically the father who they maliciously said, a homosexual. thus, no other explanation but a complete biatch i mean, bias!

    stop crab mentality for heaven’s sake! 🙂

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