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The “Rome” series of HBO was produced in 2006-2007. It’s quite an old movie but I thought I might give it a try (I actually did not know that it was old).

The story’s themes were love, friendship, betrayal, politics, family, violence and etc. (If you cannot withstand spilling blood, although not as gore as Spartan: blood and sand, I advise you to not watch this movie).

I was not into it during the firsts episodes, but I found my self engrossed later. When I was through with season 1, I searched for season 2 and luckily, I found it! God must be too good to be true!

I was so enthralled that I really wanted to know what would happen if like this and like that and like that and so on and fort, so I watched till 3 in the morning! Imagine, 3 in the morning, that when I went to work, they noticed my big eye bags!

I was so excited after season two of what would happen next, so I again searched for Rome Season 3 but unluckily, I could not find one. Well of course, the next step was to search on the net, and what I found out was: HBO CANCELED THE ROME SEASON 3.

There is no season 3! wahhhhhh… wadda shame! It was a devastating information!

  1. PadrePio says:

    Being a history buff, this is one of my personal favorites. I have a dvd of the two seasons. And yep, it was unfortunate that they didn’t continue the series.

    However, if you are a history lover you would notice that Rome tv series is not a very faithful narrative of the real events that happened during the tumultuous period of Ancient Rome’s transition from a republic to an empire. For instance, Luciuc Vorenus’ and Titus Pullo’s lives are just fictionalized, although they are real historical persons mentioned in Caesar’s Comentarii de Bello Gallico. But there is no existing document to prove that those two really had close connections with Caesar, his family, and other major historical persons.

    The most powerful and definitely the most memorable scene in the series was, without a doubt, the death of Caesar. There have been many movies about Julius Caesar (and I have watched many of them) but Rome tv series’ portrayal of his death was the most brutal and dramatic, IMO. It was an unforgettable sight and experience for me.

    Rome tv series is not historically accurate but it’s depiction of the life and times of that bygone era is very authentic. And this has what endeared me to this tv series.

  2. sedbloggy says:

    Agree with you Padre that it was rather a shame that the movie ended there. According to the writer of the story, Rome was supposed to be in 5 season; after the two season, the 3rd and 4th would be set in Egypt and the 5th will be “The Rise of the Messiah”.

    I am no history leech, but I guess, how they portrayed (fictionalized) the 2 characters was way very interesting. I was even thinking before that Titus is going to take Lucius wife and betray him. I was wrong, though!

    Haistttt, i just cant believe it really ended there; the ending was so dramatic anyway. I so very love it, it was one of the many memorable scene in the series.

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