Tears are Powerful Weapon of Every Woman

Posted: April 11, 2011 in Uncategorized
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We had a quarrel! I was pissed and was angry. I wouldn’t listen to anything she says. I closed my ears. My mind did not respond to her words. I totally shunned every avenue of understanding in my mind.

Then from nowhere, I heard some little sobs. The sobs started to get uncontrolled. Then I heard her cry.

Tears rolled down her cheeks. They teem-down uncontrollably. They were finding their way into my heart. And once they found it, they started to engulf my whole personality. My emotions started to get unsteady… shaking in an attempt to posture a firm ground, until my heart sunk that I cannot help but to embraced her and tried to comfort her and said that everything was alright.

The vignette above happens sometimes in the course of a relationship (in my case, yes, it is). We sometimes have a fight but it usually won’t last long. The reason? Stated above!

Tears are certainly a powerful and manipulative weapon of every woman. When a man won’t accept any reasoning, women ascribe to their magical tears; an appeal (to pity) that rips a man’s heart until he gives up and surrenders and condones the issue(s) at hand. With this  ‘scheme’ (sorry for my inadequacy of a better vocabulary, I just want to put it in some kind of in-between a positive and a negative implication), they (women) automatically get the upper hand, making every man accept that he is the one at fault.

Almost like a ploy, isn’t it? That even the vilest person falls for it.

😛 peace

  1. schelli says:

    Did you do this image yourself?

  2. clarriize says:

    nice…like the note of this picture..

  3. lilmandj98 says:

    i can draw so will surely it

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