Grand Day (Graduation Day)

Posted: April 13, 2011 in Uncategorized

Being a student was hard. Sometimes you’ve got to be awake up to 12 or 1 in the morning to prepare for examinations and again wake up 4 am to prepare for the same. I have not experienced this, though, because I was a lazy ass when it comes to reviewing, but my boardmates did, that’s why I know it; but definitely, being a student was hard. Every now and then, you’ve got to stretch your money allowance because of the endless projects your teachers and professors will require of you, and at times, you’ve got to content yourself with crumbs of bread to satisfy your growling stomach; I was thankful to my boardmates that they paid me and or treated me to lunch or supper for making their assignments and projects. 😀

Standing with your classmates in the queue line to the stage to take your diploma is an elating moment. The hardships and pains and the dull moments, sleepless nights and the survival memories as a student rush down to the brain but surely, although there are tears falling down, smile is painted on the lips because you survived them all.

And in the recently concluded poem writing contest of with the theme “Graduation Day”, these where the matters of my piece – the life of a student up to the time where he/she receives his/her diploma.  I laud all the participants for showcasing their poem writing prowess. I was one of the participants and so I am giving my self a soft pat for a job well done.

I did not win in the competition, though. I was 3rd (pssssstttt, there were only four who submitted their piece, and being one of the four participants, it’s worth a clap.) The rule of the competition was to create an English poem of 16-30 lines, with the following words present: award, graduation, medal. I got 5 votes and the rest 7 and 8. The entry who garnered 8 votes won the game. Kudos  and kudos!

And to the graduating students of this year, Congratulations to all of you! You are the emblem of the dreams of your parents!

Grand DayGone are the forlorn nights
Heart-filled with dim lights
Displaying bleakness, quitting eyes
Struggling in plight,
For the end was far from sight

Insolvencies and hardships
Surmounting mountains, now tales of the lips
Memories of past unveiled
But projecting a smiling face,
No traces of aches

Sitting in the middle of the crowd
Overwhelming joy abounds
Waiting for the time to step forward
To take the medal, emblem of award,
The fruit of a faithful fight

To have reached this far of the road
Such comforting words;
What an elating rippled euphoria
For the adorned aspirations and dreams,
Framed in my conferred diploma

  1. PadrePio says:

    I voted for your poem. 😀 Ima bit sad you didn’t win. I really liked it and felt the poem was truly heartfelt. Plus, I love the mental imagery you’ve created; it has made me wistfully think of the memories of my college days.

  2. sedbloggy says:

    thank you padre for giving me a thumb up.

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