Failed: Call Center Application

Posted: April 26, 2011 in Funny Moments

from my archive: feb. 1, 2009

Whew! Im back from my trip to Baguio! The sleepless travel and the feeling that my butt was punched for having to sit 6-7 hours in the bus was over. Smiling and energetic, I am that today.

Baguio was my preference for work because of its weather and I’ve got an aunt there who for sure could help me when I’m into troubles; thus, my application in a call center, Baguio.

The name of the call center is “Aegis PeopleSupport”. In their site, this is provided: “In the Philippines, only one out of every 40 applicants is chosen to become a member of our team.” and so, I’ve got all the reasons to justify my failure….heheheh 😀

Monday afternoon, I received a call from their HR asking if I am available for an interview the following day. But as much as I want too, due to unpreparedness, works and hesitations, I requested if I could have it Friday afternoon instead; and so, I was in Baguio Friday early morning.

I started my trip here 8:30 pm and arrived in Baguio 3:30 am. I tried to catch some sleep in the bus but cannot. @ 5 am, I walked and tried to locate burnham park :D:D. I got lost……….. but I found my toes on the right track :P.

I was sitting at the park when an old lady approached me asking if she could share God’s words. Smiling and friendly I said, “Sure, Why not?” (I found out later that she was a JW (Jehovah’s Witnesses).

At 9:30, I was so thankful that Shane showed up…. I waved at her . The old lady noticed it so she said, “Ok, then, well, since your friend is here, I could leave you now.”

Shane and I scoured Baguio in search of PeopleSupport; and for some divine intervention, we found it. As I had a glimpse of the building of the center, my heart started to race. Weeeeeh. Nerbyos! When we had noted the place, we proceeded to SM, ate my breakfast and lunch, and she, her lunch. 😀

At 11:30, we were back in the center… had a little review of what to say and what the center is for. We entered the building at 12:30 and found other applicants sitting in the hallway. Past 1 when I was called together with the other applicants. We were divided into two groups, the first to the left and the second to the right. We filled some documents and then later we were called upstairs. We waited again for quite a long time. Then we were called into a room – for exams.

Our exams consisted of three tests which we all needed to pass in order to proceed to the next level, interview. In case we passed two tests and failed one, the chance of going to the next level is zero.

At the end of the examination, we were all laughing, excited of the results. The examiner mentioned a name and the rest to follow her (examiner). Outside the examination room, she said, “I am sorry guys but you didn’t make it.” 😀 Only 1 passed! I wonder how he comprehended the 2nd part of listening test. The first listening test was good. The second however was all gibberish talk – I failed to decipher what the caller and the agent were talking about; it sounded to me like one long word/sound with constant pauses to take a breath. We weren’t even allowed to adjust the sound’s volume. I think, the others thought the same.

Anyways, the result was at hand and all we had to do was to laugh. Two of the applicants were experienced call center agents. They, too, failed. The passer was a newbie, he has no experience at all :D:D:D

We walked out the building and laughed!




The trip was worth it.

Charged it to experience 🙂

  1. PadrePio says:

    that old lady may have been my girlfriend’s mother. and there’s a chance you may have meet my girlfriend there too. 😀 She and her family are JWs. I’m not. Anyways, life’s like that. You win some, you lose some. 😉

  2. Lym says:

    In some cases, landing on a job is a matter of luck. Even experienced call center agents could fail. What’s important is you learned from the experience.
    *This post is entertaining. Will be looking around some other time. 🙂

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