Story of Joanne

Posted: April 30, 2011 in English, Just some Random Stories
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October 15 2003

This is my first time to put into notes my life’s journey. Perhaps, this is not so wise, but I just want to know how it feels doing this.


October 16

I was in the attic of the house looking for nothing when I saw this old rotting book. Not a book actually. I threw this in the bin but when I thought I read that it is a diary I was curious and picked it up. This diary belonged to my great grand ma, but not anymore. I crossed out her name and put my name. It was fun.

By doing this, I have saved some money for a notebook. I just need to spend some time writing and use my school pen. So totally free.


PS. I’ve read several pages of my great grand ma’s life. I asked some to mom and he never knew that something like this happened to her mom. He he he. I think I’ll continue reading.

Again, Joan

October 17

Look, I’ve used 3 pages of my grandma’s diary. I hope it would be okay for her. I’ll share with her diary as I share with her life. I’ll use all the blank pages.

Rest in peace, grandma.


October 18

I was shocked. Not because of what I read about grandma in this diary. I bled, so I thought. But mom comforted me, saying bleeding is normal. I did not believe her and cried that she brings me to the hospital. She laughed instead.

She said ill bleed more for some days and it’s natural among girls, even to late bloomers like me. She bought me napkins. She taught me how to use it. Not so comfty I guess.

October 23

Sorry for not visiting you lately. I’m done reading you and I don’t have interest writing about my life, but let me still try.

Good bye.


PS. I am not bleeding anymore.

November 1

Just done visiting grandma’s grave.

November 2

Will I be a saint when I die? Ha ha ha. Silly me.


November 6

I was flying the whole day!
I saw him!
We have a new classmate!
Goshhhhhhhhhh! He’s cute!

He’s so cute.
I like him.
I guess he’s my first love.
I love you Walter very much. Muah! Muah! Muah!

I am waiting for his touch so I can feel the current-like they say that travels through the skin when your love one touches you.

November 7

We talked, and talked and talked. I thought I was dying. I want to kiss him and hug him.

I love you Walter!

November 8

Dear diary,

Walter was so handsome and cute and and and and…. All. I love him.
I just hope he doesn’t look at me as a friend.
I need love charms! I will make him fall for me.

Very in love,

Nov 15

Will my potion gonna work?
Good God! Make it work!

I bought a juice (in cup) in the school canteen and gave it to Walter. Shhhhhhhhh… I put my love potion. I pray that it works!

I am excited of the result tomorrow. Will he kiss me? Gossshhhhh… Damn,  am pretty inlove!

Truly madly deeply in love with Walter,

Nov 17

Am sorry. I forgot to update you. I was so busy yesterday.
I thought the potion did not work.
But guess what? It works!

I was so busy reading again and again his letter yesterday. It was a love letter.
Tell me, shall I say yes already?


You haven’t said what I should do yet.
Should I accept him already? But isn’t that too early. I don’t know what to do… im feeling great but I need answer.

Nov 18

Still waiting for an answer

Nov 19

What should I do?

Nov 20

I said yes!
We’re officially boyfriend and girlfriend.
And guest what… he kissed me.
I like how he kisses me. I love it.

I felt like I was a princess and he was my prince!
Prince Walter, I love you very much. I look forward to many more kisses from you. Muah,muah, muah, muah, muah.

Joanne, once a princess

Nov 22

Dear diary,

I was never happier. When I go to school and see him, I fell complete. I think he’s the right man for me. He always makes me feel like a princess. We just need a castle and I would be a real princess.

We ate burger together after school and spent sometime in the park. Lovers’ parking date. Ha ha ha. Michelle saw me with Walter, and I think she doesn’t look okay after seeing us. Hell her. She’s jealous because I have Walter and she doesn’t have. Let her die of jealousy.

I love being with Walter always

Always the princess, Joanne

January 24, 2004

Love really is not just bliss; there is pain to it.

I thought we were meant for each other, Walter and I, but it seems they are more fit with Michelle. How I hate Michelle. She’s a bitch!

And Walter too is a great flirt. I hate you Walter! I hate you!

Feb 2

I thought everything will going to be okay but it did not go the way I want too. The potion must have totally worn-out. I should have prepared a stronger potion.
Im broken hearted!
I and Walter have just broke up.
I hate you so much Walter. You’re not the only man!

Feb 3

Still not in good mood. My heart aches and bleeds.

Feb 4

Haven’t felt the current-like when Walter touched me. I won’t look forward to feeling it anymore. Maybe the current-like feeling is meant for Michelle and not me.

I pray that the current-like feeling turn into real power and cook you alive. I would be happy!

Feb 14

Hearts’ Day.
I bumped to a man on the street.
He’s cute and with good humor. We both did not have a date.
He treated me for a burger.
Could I be that i’m in love again, but isnt it so soon?



— to be continued

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