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I’m reminded of this topic whenever I see Kris Aquino. In many of her movies, when someone operates her phone, either her kids or her husband, without her knowledge, she would say in a calm and out of tune tone, “Please, respect my privacy,” and she would turn her back and walk away. (Peace to those who like Kris :P)

There are lots of wives doing that to their husbands, but to not dubbed I’m singling out women, may I add then that in “some cases,”[stress] men also do the same. But in general, women do that a lot. he he he [fish]

Now,my question is, should privacy be practiced between a husband and a wife? If so, up to what level? (more…)

I do not know the title of this poetry. I just found it somewhere and I like how it was made. Here it is

the title is WHO’S LATE (as said by Vin), lamat tol

She knows tonight will be like that, a mushy girl inside,
When he asked the question, “will you please become my bride?”
Just the thought of hearing it just fills her heart with glee,
They will join together now until eternity. (more…)

For many times, I’ve been told by my dad to visit the barber shop; I’m sporting long hair,but not that long. I want to know if long hair would fit me, that even with my girlfriend’s pressure on me to go on a haircut, I wont succumb. 😀 Frequently, I would hear her say, “Let’s go for a haircut,” and I would answer, “Sure, I’ll accompany you.” (more…)

The Guard Scolded Me!!!

Posted: May 18, 2011 in Funny Moments

Yesterday, my boss sent me to Ifugao State University (IFSU) to submit an advertisement for Nakem Conferences; and thus the title of this piece.

There are two entrances (and so I thought) on the gate to the school – one on the right, which is a smaller one, with signs like, no ID no entry, and the other entrance is on the left, which is bigger. There’s a barricade that divides the two entrances. (more…)

It is fun hearing Miriam Santiago answers questions during interviews or during privilege speeches.