Sporting Long Hair Solicits Comments :D

Posted: May 18, 2011 in Funny Moments
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For many times, I’ve been told by my dad to visit the barber shop; I’m sporting long hair,but not that long. I want to know if long hair would fit me, that even with my girlfriend’s pressure on me to go on a haircut, I wont succumb. 😀 Frequently, I would hear her say, “Let’s go for a haircut,” and I would answer, “Sure, I’ll accompany you.”

She would also say sometimes, “You look very old with your hair,” but I would just smile and say, “Don’t you like me looking old, so that no other girl would flirt to me?” Then she would answer back, “Feeling!”

Sporting long hair comes with it’s matching beard and goatee – those two factors added to the looking old me (except the pimple marks all over my face). I would usually ask her, “With my looks, whadya think, how old am I?”

She would answer, “You look 35!” and I would laugh, “not bad.” I actually look like 40. 😀

around the head is a hairbond (weaved cloth), and a part of the hair is in rubber bond pony tail

It was Monday morning and my boss had a presentation to the Sangguniang Panlalawigan members of our province. I came in poloshirt with my hair in the same style as the photo above. When she saw me, she said, “Dont you have any better shirt?”

I said, “Does this look  so bad? This is called personal style.” And she did not bother me again regarding how I wear and the way I arrange my hair, that during a seminar-workshop on Communication in DepEd Ifugao, she introduced me this way:

“This is blah blah blah, and it doesnt matter how he wears and how he looks as long as he’s efficient and effective.” Ha ha ha, got her!

Sporting long hair really invites comments from people around you, and I find it fascinating. In fact, me, sporting long hair or not, my friends and my families and people I do not know still comment on my hair style. Nonetheless, if living is to please everyone, then, I will find my existence superficial.

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