The Guard Scolded Me!!!

Posted: May 18, 2011 in Funny Moments

Yesterday, my boss sent me to Ifugao State University (IFSU) to submit an advertisement for Nakem Conferences; and thus the title of this piece.

There are two entrances (and so I thought) on the gate to the school – one on the right, which is a smaller one, with signs like, no ID no entry, and the other entrance is on the left, which is bigger. There’s a barricade that divides the two entrances.

I entered through the left side of the gate because the administration building is on the left side, the building I am going to. Then when I’m about to turn to my left and follow the pathway to the administration building, the guard on duty at the gate whistled me and motioned me to return and pass on the way he was motioning me in. I gestured to him that the place I’m going to is on this side, but he still motioned me to return and pass on the way he was pointing at.

And so I turned my back from the guard and just walked my way away from him to the administration building. I heard him whistled but i shrugged my shoulders.

When I had submitted the advertisement in the administration building, I needed to pass the same guard to go out the school. When I passed by him, he walked to me and said (referring to the first encounter), “Sir, even if you’re going to that side of the school, you needed to pass this way.” I just nodded and walked away from him. He he he.

When I looked back, I was ashamed to see this sign on the way I walked through when I entered the school:

and this sign on the way he was motioning me to pass through:

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