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What’s with my title? Wala lang, trip lang.Hahaha.

“She” here does not refer to my girlfriend – she’s not a monster… she’s a saint who acts not like one, hahaha, nor am I speaking of a girl I knew, I know or will know. “She” is not a pronoun but a noun. So whenever I say “She”, I speak of something…. something I call “She”. Hehe, inulit ko lang e.

She looked innocent, well, at first. Her small eye was white as the snow, and soft like the clouds, and her skin was red like a rose in full bloom. She did not speak nor said any words, she was silent like a  dumb cat sleeping on a rag. I stroked her so gently like a fragile crystal, avoiding any unnecessary action that might cause her to hurt nor make her flinch.

Dear Textm8

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Nasa bahay ako, nakikinig sa mga kwentuhan ng mga matatanda. Tumpak, kwentuhan ng mga matatanda. Pero di naman ako matanda. In fact, I feel like that I’m still on my teenage years, although my face proves otherwise. Pero nataon kase na nakaupo ako kung saan sila nakaupo kaya hayun, kahit ayaw kong makinig sa mga kwentuhan nila, napilitan akong makinig (pinilit lang ako). (more…)

You looked at yourself in the mirror and you smiled. You know that those features and with your smile, you can make some girls blush, or if you’re a girl, you can startle men. If you’re a male – with your broad shoulder, nice body, thick eye brows and tantalizing eyes, and if you’re a female – with your sexy looks, your curly hair, your red lips and your tantalizing eyes, you confidently stepped out of your house. Walking and with pure energy you were really cool.

Then… out of nowhere, youre eyes caught a figure…a figure you were not ready to face, then you felt uneasy; you automatically, without a single blink, pictured yourself as compared with that image, inferior. As the person came close, his/her domineering aura overcame your little left confidence, then you felt like you were David and the person next to you was Goliath, stooping down on you, eyeing you, and a hideous smile painted on his/her lips   — all at once, any remaining confidence you had crumbled down to pieces; you lost your self confidence, you were soaked in a rain of “underdogness”. (more…)