The Inferiority Complex, Bow!

Posted: June 6, 2011 in Philosophy (daw)
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You looked at yourself in the mirror and you smiled. You know that those features and with your smile, you can make some girls blush, or if you’re a girl, you can startle men. If you’re a male – with your broad shoulder, nice body, thick eye brows and tantalizing eyes, and if you’re a female – with your sexy looks, your curly hair, your red lips and your tantalizing eyes, you confidently stepped out of your house. Walking and with pure energy you were really cool.

Then… out of nowhere, youre eyes caught a figure…a figure you were not ready to face, then you felt uneasy; you automatically, without a single blink, pictured yourself as compared with that image, inferior. As the person came close, his/her domineering aura overcame your little left confidence, then you felt like you were David and the person next to you was Goliath, stooping down on you, eyeing you, and a hideous smile painted on his/her lips   — all at once, any remaining confidence you had crumbled down to pieces; you lost your self confidence, you were soaked in a rain of “underdogness”.

If you feel something like this – in any aspect, material, physical or mental, then welcome to the group of looser! Kidding. Welcome to the group of mentally unconvinced of their good looking appearance and unfathomable intellectual capacity. Well, that only includes physical and mental aspects, for, if you feel intimidated by material things, then, you surely do not belong here… that’s not a state of the mind dilemma but reality – you cannot really convince yourself you’re rich when you’re poor, neither can you convince yourself that you’ve eaten a sumptuous food when you have not – that’s reality.

You might ask, “Are you saying that inferiority complex is but a state of the mind?” My answer is, if you’ve read it here, then, it’s yes, but if you’ve not read it here, then, no? Of course, not! My answer will still be yes. 😀

Inferiority complex is depicting yourself below your self-set standards. It is judging your capabilities as steps lower compared with other people; a result of an imaginative mind. Well, I am very much convinced that feeling inferior from others is but a state of the mind. Without your mind’s imagined standards, you wont feel awkward nor less compared to other people. You wont even give a damn of how you look or how great are your ideas. (If you dont agree with my statement, then, post your comment…hehehe)

Let me jump to my conclusion already.

To neutralize this kind of feeling, you’ve got to inject your mind with this thought: “Dont mind how he looks or what he shows. I’m way smarter than he is, anyway” (If you’re a girl, then change the he into she :D) I’ve tried this and it works!

But when it’s on mental aspect (thanks goodness, i’ve never been into this) — convince yourself with this: “His intelligence is at par with mine.” That should alleviates your feeling of being dumber than a dumb, but if you cannot get over with it, get on with reality!


Be proud of who you are… you do not have the monopoly of how you think of yourself. Other people think of you greatly. Just be yourself.

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