She was an innocent-looking monster!

Posted: June 16, 2011 in Funny Moments, Uncategorized

What’s with my title? Wala lang, trip lang.Hahaha.

“She” here does not refer to my girlfriend – she’s not a monster… she’s a saint who acts not like one, hahaha, nor am I speaking of a girl I knew, I know or will know. “She” is not a pronoun but a noun. So whenever I say “She”, I speak of something…. something I call “She”. Hehe, inulit ko lang e.

She looked innocent, well, at first. Her small eye was white as the snow, and soft like the clouds, and her skin was red like a rose in full bloom. She did not speak nor said any words, she was silent like a  dumb cat sleeping on a rag. I stroked her so gently like a fragile crystal, avoiding any unnecessary action that might cause her to hurt nor make her flinch.

Twenty four hours had gone and when the sun was up in the sky, She turned out to be a wolf in a sheep’s clothing.

The innocent eye grew bigger, smaller than a mongo seed, and around She was swollen. “It’s a boil,” some said. That was my second time to have a boil if it was really a boil because I did not really have any idea of how a boil looks. When I had it before, I had it in my butt  – I did not have the honor to see it unless I should have twisted my head 90 degrees and broke my neck, and fractured my waist stooping backward just to have a gaze of it.

“It’s a pimple,” others concluded. Well, I have pimples all over my face so I definitely can say it was a pimple but I was ot really so sure it it was a pimple. “It’s is a result of a mosquito bite, you silly people,” I thought. I, sometimes, have like that on my hand due to mosquito bite but I am not really so sure if it was, since around She was swollen. 

Fast forward mode.

I completely forgot about She the whole day, except on occasions when my pants would wantonly grip She. When dusk arrived, I prepared my rifle, my ammunition, my night vision telescope, my uniform and my vest ready for a battle. A boil, a pimple or an insect bite, I poked She’s eye and draw out all her life force. It was a bit painpul (painful) because I needed to press the swollen parts… but in the end, I triumphantly stood the victor in the battle — I bested She. I made a hideous cry!

Anyways, this was how She looked after the 24 hours story. She grew up on my legs.

  1. Lym says:

    A story about a small thing told in an interesting and entertaining way. Great!

  2. Rahmat says:

    oh my God,
    that is CANCER?
    be careful :-p

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