Fascinating Things Inside a Kid’s Mind

Posted: July 6, 2011 in Funny Moments

When I was a kid, I loved science; well in a way. I was astounded by the things around me, especially when I would look up – the vast sky, twinkling stars in the night like diamonds…wehh.

Looking at the stars at night, while wee-weeing on the plants outside and listening to the rhyming music of my pee hitting the plants and the earth (which I still do sometimes), I would search for the brightest star, as I have read in the book of revelation that Jesus is the brightest morning star. When spotted, I would whisper, “that’s Jesus throne out there.” Waking up in the morning and wee-weeing on the plants, again, I would look up (which I still do sometimes) and whisper, “the brightest star must be Jesus’ throne.” (Inulit lang no.)

I loved sharing my ideas when I was a kid. Often times, I would act a teacher and my fellow kids, my pupils, and there was this time when I shared them about heaven. The earth is round, I know that since I was a kid, and it is where people live. Heaven on the other hand is what you see above, it’s where Jesus dwells with his angels.

“People live in earth,” I would tell them. And yes, it’s IN, that’s not wrong preposition as you’ll understand while we go on with my story.

The earth is like a ball.
We, the people live inside it. (Hahaha)
As we are contained inside the earth, so does the heaven.

The heaven was positioned on a high ground, while we were settled on the low ground.
So when we look up, we see heaven.
If the earth is to be cut into halves (like the way you cut you watermelon), we can reach heaven.






I came to realize how foolish I was when I reached 4th  year high school when our Physics teacher explained about gravitational pull.

Hahaha, well, even though I came to realize that late, at least, I have my own theory about heaven and earth.

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