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Nonsense Post

Posted: August 4, 2011 in Funny Moments
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It has been a while since I’ve created a post on my blog. I’ve got no motivation to write and even when I have one, I just lost interest when I’ve had created my first paragraph. If only there’s a capsule that boosts interest in writing, I probably be one of those people in queue for that capsule. Another reason (well, I’ve got plenty of reasons, hahaha) is that, I’ve been busy with work and garena league of legends game; the latter specially as it consumed many of my  dull moments. I wish I have never learned how to play that game. I’m not good with it, though, but it is real fun playing it – I’m getting the hang of it, and am getting addicted to it.

This post is actually not connected with my introduction. Hahahaha. Ijust wanted to say that. Bu anyways, today is a nonsense blog, so here is a nonsense post.

It has been a month or a couple months when I saw a placard nailed on an electric wire post. The placard was written by police aspiring students (I forgot how you call their course). I believe that by posting things like this, they show their support to the anti drug program. I really am hoping that these acts are real from their hearts and not just for the sake of having something to post or just to pass the course.I know that a lot of them are using drugs, prohibited ones, but well, i should not judge them because I am not a judge (hahahaha). Putting aside their good intention, look carefully at the sentence… something does not stand right. Here is the placard: (more…)