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I closed my eyes to welcome darkness
of tranquility and peace,
Free from agony and pain –
It’s total numbness.

Sweet aroma of the grass vanished
and the fresh morning dew ceased;
I can’t hear the still waves of the sea
nor feel the cool breeze.

The sun does not reach my place
nor a speck of light!
I’m hidden beneath the earth,
encumbered in a four walls room.

My tears teem down as I cry in silence;
I speak like a mute, denied of a voice;
No one hears my words because
I am dead!

Love Often Spoken Of

Posted: November 23, 2011 in Poetry (emotional flush)

Love often spoken of
Vanishes in the pitch of the night;
Hiding beneath the walls –
in the abyss of death.

The dancing fire of hate
quenches you to ashes and washes you
in the bowels of the unknowns  –
bringing despair upon my hopeless soul.

In my shattered sanctuary
You leave my spirit to ruins and pieces
Drowning in a sea of tears –
Grasping for air.

Your existence detriment me
Leaving no art in me;
Behind your pretense of delight,
You are death.


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Been out for quite many days… i mean months, and I’m hoping that my title alone explains the reason for being so. Haist…got a very long story to tell. Bear with me, otherwise, I’m gonna kick your butt with my new kungfu style kick. I bet it would hurt —– badly, the way the boil in my butt hurt awesomely (past tense na yan, oi!)

So, let me narrate my story, my fairy tale story that began two months ago. But wait, let me begin with this warning… heed this, for any violators will be shot and the survivors will be shot again: some words are not suited for minor readers. Parental guidance is recommended. If parents are not around, proceed anyway.

The Beginning

I never thought that I will be writing about PLDT. They sucked… and they sucked good and deep, by the way.

Three months had passed since the day I went to a PLDT branch (more…)