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Been out for quite many days… i mean months, and I’m hoping that my title alone explains the reason for being so. Haist…got a very long story to tell. Bear with me, otherwise, I’m gonna kick your butt with my new kungfu style kick. I bet it would hurt —– badly, the way the boil in my butt hurt awesomely (past tense na yan, oi!)

So, let me narrate my story, my fairy tale story that began two months ago. But wait, let me begin with this warning… heed this, for any violators will be shot and the survivors will be shot again: some words are not suited for minor readers. Parental guidance is recommended. If parents are not around, proceed anyway.

The Beginning

I never thought that I will be writing about PLDT. They sucked… and they sucked good and deep, by the way.

Three months had passed since the day I went to a PLDT branch to inquire about their services. They asked about my location and after a natter, they asked me if I were willing to pay for the over span (my location is far from the line they have), to which I said, yes. They did not collect any payment by then which is an assurance that they will not be coming.

It has been more than two months since a little devil from PLDTcame to ask for an installation fee, that’s 1500. In their brochure by the way, it’s printed “FREE installation”. The little devil also said that a landline was necessary. So the 3 thousand in their brochure for XCEL plan which is up to 5mbps is 4200 excluded the monthly payment for the landline use. Well, I nod my head, agreeing to all of those and paid the installation fee holding on to the little devil’s promise that everything will be set up in less or more than ten days. I was actually looking forward to that. Ten days! Whew! That’s not too bad as compared to Digitel who is always at its feet to connect you to the world wide web if you go to their office to inquire, which happened to me when I went. Indeed, Digitel’s concern is their clients.

PLDT is fast, actually (with pun intended). After a week, three guys came from PLDT to install the services I want. They asked if I have paid the over span. I was just like, huh?

Well, I agreed to pay the over span, it was just that I wasn’t informed that I need to pay it before they’re going to install their service and take note, I was never informed about it by my agent, the little devil, who, let’s call by the name of Gina.

My Adventure with Gina

Gina is a charming girl. Well, seriously she is. She’s on her late twenties or early thirties, black long hair, brown skin which could be due to the nature of her work, and she has the shape of a round post and a coca-cola – go figure it out.

So after the PLDT staff came to me, I immediately informed Gina about it. Supposedly, Gina, being the agent, should be the one informing me of these things, not the other way around. And Gina gave no response. I informed the other agent, who I talked with when I went to their center, and he said he’s going to create me an account in two days time so I can pay the amount.

Two days had swiftly passed and I called him asking about the account. He said, he’ll do it, just give him 2 more days. After two days, he sent me the account number. I went to LBC to pay but a problem occurred.

I called Gina informing all those stuff and to my dismay, she said she’ll have to have the over span approved first before I can pay. She further assured that it will be approved the next day.

One day, two days, three days, four days until it reach a week to almost two weeks before the over span was approved. Damn! I spent a great deal of money texting her and calling her! She did not even have the initiative to text me back or to call me to inform me of the progress of whatever over span approval she was talking about. Many times I did call her. Either she wont answer or her phone was not ringing, or I go straight to her voice mail box (which happened a lot and which I hated amongst all because I was automatically charged for it) She really was in my nerves!


Days had passed and the over span was approved, so she said. After being informed of its approval, the following day, I went to pay for it. She ensured that the next day, I will have already my connection.

One week had gone but I still have no connection! So out of madness, for not taking my calls and for not answering my texts, I sent her bulks of messages! Good for her! But the damn devil was still indifferent!

Exactly 9 days had passed when a friend of mine was also going home. I asked him if he could drop by PLDT and ask Gina what was the problem why the installation had been delayed. He did and Gina, not expecting that someone will come, was like lightning struck! She looked like a meek sheep, nodding and nodding. Good for her that a fellow agent was bold enough to answer on her stead. Gina assured that they will have me connected the following day!

The following day arrived, no one came. The next day, still no one arrived. The following day, still, no one arrived! Gosh! What the hell is this kind of service! It’s a complete mess! I called the people who are supposed to install whatever devices needed, and they said that they will come next week, Tuesday or Wednesday.

Tuesday came. What a devastating day! The notorious Pedring, aka destroyer, aka stay in your home fools, aka typhoon, came. It blew houses’ roofs and flooded the streets, broke trees’ branches and uprooted trees, and cut electric wires. And so, power electricity was gone for many many many days. Following the next day, Quile arrived, bringing the same catastrophe.

A week had passed and the electric power had been restored. I called for the PLDT “installers” asking, “Hey boss, I’d like to know when do you plan of coming here to connect my internet?” I may have sound rude, well, which I actually did but believe me, they will not come unless you get impolite to them. My boss, my real boss at work even said to bug them everyday.

So they said they are coming the next day. And true to their words, they came the following day but only to deliver a bad message, “Sir, what should we do, the owner of the line we’re supposed to connect to yours does not want to have his connection cut yet until Saturday. He wants it till Saturday since he will be leaving his place on Saturday.”

Wahhhh, terrible! Terrible!

“Can we have it by Monday then?” I asked.

“Yes,” he said.

“Are you certain of that?” I queried.

“Yes,” he answered.

I was silent. I don’t know what to say. I was, well, fucked!

“And sir, can you ask your neighbor if we can use his post (where they connected my neighbor’s line) for your line? Otherwise you have to put your own post,” he continued. “I will ask the other neighbor, too,” he further said.

“I will try,” I responded and I shooed them away. Not really shooed. And then they were gone.

And Monday came and they did not come. I called them and they said, they are still far from our place. They promised to come the following day. Then I called them again, but they said they were waiting for the modem. Gooooooolay! Two weeks more had gone before they came!

And so now, here I am, creating and posting this stupid note for my blog.

Post note: Just received a text from PLDT Cares: “Welcome to PLDT! We hope that your experience with our services meets your expectations. If you have any conenr, please call our Hotline 171 (free of charge) and talk to our friendly customer service agents. Thank you for choosing us as your service provider!”

Toinks! Ho-ri-bol!

  1. glenngem says:

    wooooahhh! Glad to hear that I’m planning to have my PDLT connection this month, but as far as I’m concern with what you’ve said damn I will definitely and 100% sure not to subscribe with PLDT :D.

  2. sedbloggy says:

    in fairness to them, yung service talaga ang matagal pero yung promise na 5mbps e totoo. good luck sa kung ano man ang aaplayan mo

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