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[note: this is an official entry for the Symbianize 5th Year Anniversary Essay/Article Writing Contest, submitted by mine_10]

A Life with Symbianize


At first, I have no idea what Symbinize was all about, then suddenly a friend of mine told me that there was this site that offers massive applications on mobile phones. I didn’t know that from the time that I have registered on this site would make a big change in my life.

I started browsing along the pages and I spent most of the time in S60 APPS Section.  From there, I was able to meet different types of persons. I did learn so many tips and tricks that I wouldn’t have expected that it even exist. I was so amazed when I get to have an application on my mobile phone that let’s me surf on the net without any charges. Day to day it has been my routine to always visit the site and I kept on meeting similar persons. Eventually, these persons had been my good friend and I owe a lot from them for letting me learn a lot of things with regards on mobile software. Later on, a member told me about general chat section. From symbian applications that has always been my hang out, from the time I woke up until I go to sleep, I flew on the said section and start meeting new friends.

My interest in this site goes deeper as I started to get along with new users. I felt so much joy when I am able to chat with then from simple things to deeper topics. In fact, Symbianize is the first forum site I have joined with, and I have no idea that this would be a great experience for me, and I can say that being a member in here is regretless. As I have said, from the moment I wake up, Symbianize is one of the things that firstly comes in my mind and it has been already a big part of my life. My whole day would not be complete if I did not get on-line in this site. Chatting around with my friends in here makes me feel better and when I am not doing something in real life, I can simply talk to them to burn some of my time.

Every forum has its rules, and because of these rules you could come up with self-discipline.  That’s what I have learned here. In fact, there are times that I am annoyed with other people’s behavior in here and I tend to say foul words against them. As a result, I received my infraction. I know I did something wrong and again this fault sets as a learning. From then, whenever I read some posts from other member and I think it goes beyond the rules, I just simply click the report button. And it’s up to the moderators for them to decide what to do. There’s one thing that I adopted here into the real life. It is whenever there is an argument, don’t flame and just stay calm.

Eventually, my girlfriend got curious on what Symbiainze was all about. She kept on thinking why I am always busy on my phone browsing along the site. Then I suggested her to register for her to find out what it is. And now, we are both a happy member on this site and we keep enjoying the moments we shared together with our cyber friends. What more can I say? Symbianize got all the coolest stuffs you could ever find plus the coolest friends you could ever meet. And now, Symbianize would always be a part of my life.


Then and There

Posted: December 5, 2011 in Poetry (emotional flush)
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When my world of drowning blue
Was turned into a colorful hue
The moment I saw you
Cupid gave me the cue.

I hiked the mountains
And braved the needles of rain
Overcame the pains
So just you, I must attain.

I conquered all odds
With your smile as my rod
Until you gave me your magical words
That made me prod.

Every time I was with you
A different world you shew
I realized then it was true
Was madly in loved with you.

We shared moments of bliss
Specially whenever you gave me a kiss
And because you were such a tease
Turning me unease.

But everything came to halt
When things turned trash from a colorful art
As the truth came out
You were a beast inside.

The warmth died like a broken hearth
The romantic scent became a foul smelling fart
The flawless love was filled with warts
I know then, we needed to part.