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I will Wait

Posted: April 4, 2012 in Poetry (emotional flush)
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I Will Wait

I was walking alone
Searching for someone
Then you hit me like a cyclone
Like no one has ever done.

We built the friendship
Step by step
Until it grew deep
So, to speak.

One day I woke up
And everything was different
You became my buttercup
In my amazement.

But as you are yet to bounce up
From that not braw relationship you had –
The breakup
Myself to you I will clad.

I will be waiting
Untill you’re ready
As my love ascending
And be my lady.

Feeling Alone

Posted: April 4, 2012 in Poetry (emotional flush)

Feeling alone

i feel alone
sitting on a throne

then i let loose
and i lost focus
simultaneously I heard the sound
like a dropped bomb

the stench odour lingers
so i cover my nose with my fingers
but to no avail
i fail

i jog my head
i need not be alone
so i was off to roam
out of the comfort room.


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Sanity where art thou?
Embrace me with your presence,
Envelop me with your tranquility,
I want you now.
Take me by your side,
Show me the road to rationally
And enlighten me.
Don’t hide beneath the dark clouds,
Illuminate your face
And fill my emptiness.
Come back my sanity,
Give me reasons to live
Before I fall dead.


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Unbearable cross on my shoulder;
Death is just two steps away
But why is it denied me?

I look at a thing, shining and inviting
With sharp edges and pointed end;
But death is still a step away.

Maybe I need courage,
Two bottles and I find it;
Death is just now a half step away.

Again I look at that thing with a sad face
But now I’m brave –
Then I fell.
Finally, demise has come to me.

Ang Pulubi, Bow

Ako ay tumingin sa iyo
Mata ko’y nagsusumano
Nakataas isang kamay ko
Binibigkas, “Ma, limos po.”

Isip ko’y lumipad
At sa kung saan-saan napadpad;
Pagkat itsurang mo’y mabait
Mukhang mapaglang labis.

Nang ikay tumingin sakin
Mga matay parang sa lawin
Gusto akong dagitin
Gamit mga kukong matatalim.

Ako ay napahiya
Ikaw ay nagmura,
“’Tang ina mo,
Magbanat ka ng buto.”

Ako ay yumuko
Iniwas ang paningin ko
Ibinaba ang kamay ko
At binigkas, “Sorry po.”

Akoy tumayo mula sa aking pwesto
Umiika-ikang umalis, dala ang lata ko;
Mga luhay dumadaloy sa puso ko
Dahil sa mga masasakit na salitang pinakawalan mo.

“Ano nga bang alam mo sakin,
Piniling malugmok sa lugar na madilim?
Pinilit kong magtrabaho, ngunit itoy ipinagkakait sakin,
Dahil sa twing makikita ako, bigla silang iiling.

Sana lang huwag akong husgahan
Dahil may damdamin din akong nasasaktan
Akoy din ay isang nilalang
Tulad ninyong taong isinilang.

When I Die

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When I Die

When I die will you cry
Or you will have a big smile?

Will you shed a single tear
And show me I am your dear?

Or will you gaze at me with disgust
And look at me like I’m a dust?

Will you have a last glance of me
Or you will say you are happy?

Will I expect you to throw me a flower
Even just a small clover?

When I die will you cry
And in teary eyes say goodbye?

Kaibigan o Ka-ibigan

Sabi mo kayo ay magkaibigan
Ngunit isip ko ay naguluhan
Twing magkasama kayo’t nagtatawanan
Di mo pansin yong kapaligiran.

Sabi mo kayoy magkaibigan
Ngunit bakit pagtratoy ganyan
Lagi mong buhat kanyang dala-dala
Lagi sa kanyang tabi na parang guardia.

Sabi mo kayoy magkaibigan
Ngunit bakit syang laging laman ng ating usapan
Keso best friend mo sya, di mo mapulaan
Samantalang aking mga pagkukulang di mo malimutan.

Sabi mo kayoy magkaibigan
Ngunit isang araw sa may halamanan
Nakita ko kayong naghahalikan
Yan ba ang kaibigan, o mas tamang tawaging ka-ibigan.

Dota O Gelpren

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Dota O Gelpren?

Si DOTA nag iisa lang sa mundo, si GF napakarami nyan
Si GF iiwanan ka din nyan, si DOTA Hindi
Si GF nagagalit kapag nagdoDOTA ka, si DOTA hindi nagagalit kapag nag GF ka
Si DOTA 20 pesos lang masaya na, si GF baka 200 pesos baka di pa masaya
Pagnakakita ka ng ibang hero, di nagagalit si DOTA
Pero pag nakakita ka ng ibang babae, nagagalit si GF
Si GF kapag iniwan mo mahirap kang balikan, si DOTA kapag iniwan mohanda ka pa ring tanggapin

Ano mas gusto mo? Dota o GF?

Ang mga liriko sa itaas ay halaw sa kantang “Dota O Ako”. Napapaisip ako tuwing naririnig ko ang kantang iyan. Sino nga ba ang mas mahalaga DOTA o gelpren?

Actually di naman ako mahilig sa DOTA aka Defense of the Ancient. Ang madalas ko lang nilalaro sa Garena ay ang League of Legends o LOL. Parang DOTA din ito. (more…)

Maricar 2

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Chapter 2

4 years ago.

“I really would like to come with you,” Maricar was trying to explain to her husband while undoing the shirts and the pants from their wardrobe, folding them neatly and putting them in a traveling bag, “but how about Vicky?”

“Yaya Luring is here. She’ll take care of Vicky,” Haiden reasoned to his wife.

He step out from the wash room and went close to her. He cuddled her from behind and kissed her fair colored neck.

She turned around not breaking from her husband’s hands around her, faced him and noticed the newly growing hair on his upper lip and lower jaw. He still looked handsome and neat, though. She put her hands around his neck and rested her weight on her toes and raised her body and reached for his lips.
This was the man that made her mind go crazy. (more…)


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Contents and some words used in this piece are not suited for very young audiences. Patnubay ng magulang ay kailangan. Kung wala ang mga magulang, basahin sa inyong kuarto. Salamat.


Chapter 1

His hand playing, tracing every curve of her face from her forehead to her eyes, to her nose then to her lips – to where his finger stayed longer, then to her chin.

With his pointing finger, he slowly and delicately moved her face towards his. They were looking eye to eye. Her eyes were tantalizing black, which may be an understatement, but they really were. It’s one of those that cannot be taken for granted parts of her body.

He slowly moved his face towards her. Her dimples appeared. She was smiling. Those were what caught his attention the first time he saw her. They were deep. (more…)

Love Making

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Love Making

Last night darling we went to bed
On my chest resting was your head
Then my hand to your breasts you led
I caressed it like a child wanting to be fed.

You moved your mouth and touched my lips
We licked each other; a probing kiss
Every moment of it we cherished
O God, what a bliss!

The next moment, I undressed
You stroked me up and down, you did your best
Then I made you writhe, I entered the nest
Till we both came, you tamed the beast.