Maricar 2

Posted: April 4, 2012 in Maricar
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Chapter 2

4 years ago.

“I really would like to come with you,” Maricar was trying to explain to her husband while undoing the shirts and the pants from their wardrobe, folding them neatly and putting them in a traveling bag, “but how about Vicky?”

“Yaya Luring is here. She’ll take care of Vicky,” Haiden reasoned to his wife.

He step out from the wash room and went close to her. He cuddled her from behind and kissed her fair colored neck.

She turned around not breaking from her husband’s hands around her, faced him and noticed the newly growing hair on his upper lip and lower jaw. He still looked handsome and neat, though. She put her hands around his neck and rested her weight on her toes and raised her body and reached for his lips.
This was the man that made her mind go crazy.

Their body came closer, tighter, together. Their lips were not separating even when he carried her on their bed.

He hastily undressed her and himself. She beckoned him in when she parted her legs. She felt him.

Then they came.

“Final decision” he said while putting his clothes on and checking the time on his watch. Three hours to go before his flight. He was to attend a meeting conference – and he wanted her to come with him. “Are you coming or not?”Maricar walked to her husband still naked and embraced him.
“Remember?” her pitch in a questioning tone.He was silent for a moment. “When Vicky grows bigger, promise me, you’ll always travel with me.”

“Yes, my lord.” She bowed and giggled.

“Or at least when she’s five months old?”

She laughed. “Okay, I promise.”

He pulled her to him and planted another kiss on her lips.

But the promise of travelling together became an illusion that was lost in the many dreams of life. When Haiden was heading home after the conference, the plane he was aboard on crashed.

No one survived, according to the plane management; so even if his body was not found during the excavation, he was declared dead.

It was hard for them when they learned about it but somehow, they managed to bounce even though it was like plunging a double edged knife in their hearts.

And now, after four years, he returned. She did not know how to react. Should she be happy or sad? What should she do?

“Maricar.” Her trance to the past was broken by the familiar voice only to return to the first time she heard the voice.

“Maricar!” Maricar halted her steps and turned her head. She was on her toes out from her favorite coffee shop, her hangout whenever she wanted to run away from tedious work.

She saw a man waiving a folder – her folder. He was projecting a friendly smile. He was built. He was wearing their company uniform.

“I believe this is yours,” the man said.

She smiled.

“Thank you,” she said when the man gave her her folder. “I was so stressed I forgot about my folder,” she continued.

The man just smiled.

“By the way I’m Haiden,” he introduced himself with a beam of light in his eyes and then he extended his hand for a handshake.
“Maricar.” She reached for the man’s palm.

“You’ve got a pretty name.”

“And so you do.”

Then they laughed. It was then the beginning of a new relationship.

“Maricar!” She titled her head and she saw Haiden standing near her. Her heart sank. He was looking old with his beard and his goatee and his dry long hair.

He moved towards her and embraced her.

“I missed you.” She heard him say.

Her heart’s started to beat fast. There was a sudden emotional flush. She can’t help it. Her arms automatically embraced him and then tears began to descend.

“I missed you, too,” she said between her sods.

to be continued

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