A Glimpse of the Future

Posted: July 6, 2012 in Poetry (emotional flush)
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This poem was made for a friend. The title actually, or seemingly in odd with the contents. But by context, since the one this poem is addressed to, is someone who looks forward to a better future, hence the title. The contents then fit in. A probability of a fantasy future.


Glimpse of the Future
in the darkness of the night
a girl is on sight
singing melancholy
sobbing in agony

she looks in the sky
and she wonders why
the moon hides
beneath the clouds

while lost in thought
as tears descend
a hand touches her face
and her heart beats start to race

standing before her
is a claimer
who sought her
to be his partner

emotion flashes
as she dashes
to the man
who offers his love

and together they go
to an abode
where their love grows
as their trusts flow.

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