Into My Messy Worl

Posted: July 6, 2012 in Philosophy (daw)
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I’m not trying to be the know-it-all guy here. Neither am I portraying myself a philosopher or to that effect. My ideas could be irrelevant in actuality,or nonsense to a more understanding mind or a more philosophic mind.


Into my Messy World

Reality. Existence. Illusion. Dream. Simulation. Those were just some of the words that came into my mind as I wonder if “I” really exist; if “I” really am the one thinking, if “I” really am what I am.

I was walking lazily on a street one late afternoon thinking of many things like how am I supposed to become a billionaire as the song “I wanna be a billionaire” echoed in my background. If I become rich, I thought, I would buy these and those to make my family happy. I’m going to build a big house and a pool with it. I’m going to do business. I’m going to employ the whole barangay in my farm, in my house and in some of my businesses. But then, I suddenly heard a trumpet sound of which beauty I haven’t heard yet in my life. Then the heavens opened and a light descended. My mind panicked. I felt fear. Judgment Day was the first that came into my mind. “Am I ready to face the Lord?” was the second thing. “Am I worthy for the Lord? Am I going to heaven or hell?”And then suddenly, I was awake. I heard a music playing from our radio.

The dream was so real that it never occurred to me while I was in that dream that it was only a dream. Putting the same context now, I am wondering if I am just maybe a part of a dream. But then you may argue with me, how about “Cogito Ergo Sum” (I think, therefore, I am)? This argument explains that since my thoughts exist, that proves that I exist. I could not have thoughts if I don’t exist. That actually sounds pretty good. I am thinking, therefore, I must be existing, for if I am not thinking, therefore I must not be existing for someone who doesn’t exist does not think. The capacity to think, to doubt, to provide solutions prove that someone exists.

When I was in my dream, “I” was thinking, but does that proved that “I” was not an illusion in my dream? Does that prove that “I” was real? It did not prove anything of those for when I woke up, was my dream real? Was the “I” in my dream who has the capacity to think real? I know you know the answer. Now, let’s put it this way, I am not sure if “I” really exist now, because for all I know, I may just be a dream of somebody else; somebody who has a higher level of consciousness, afterall, even an illusion has the capacity to think, right?

But again, you may say, “You have your senses that prove your existence.” Well, of course, I have my eyes which I use to see. I have my skin to make me feel, my nose to smell, but are those senses enough to prove I exist? What if I am in a simulation, like that of the movie Matrix? What if I am just part of a computer program capable of sensing? Even Morpheus said, “If real is what you can feel, smell, taste and see, then ‘real’ is simply electrical signals interpreted by your brain.” I can be a program in a computer database for all I know, acting the way the programmer wanted me act – thinking, questioning, and putting this nonsense output of mine. Furthermore, if my senses are proofs that I am real, then reality only revolves around me. Things I do not feel, see, smell, taste therefore do not exist. What about a three that might have fallen 10 km away from me, is it real or not? There is no way I can sense it.

Now, to my conclusion, I’d like to ask this simple question, what about those inanimate objects around us, do you think they have the capacity to think or sense? If no, then, I think therefore, they do not exist.


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