Kill to Write 2

Posted: July 6, 2012 in English, Kill to Write
Kill to Write
Part 2

“Where am I?” asked Sophia when the gag in her mouth and the blindfold of her eyes were removed. There was the sound of horror in her voice.

Her eyes were adjusting from the light coming from the bulb above. They were in an empty room with only two televisions and a table where the tvs where placed. There were two people in the room. A rugged looking person in front of her with the gag and the blindfold in his hand, and another guy who had a big scar on his right face near the door. He was smoking and was playing with the smoke he puffed.

“Who are you? What am I doing here?” Her gaze jumped from one person to another. She tried to move her hands but they were tightly tied to the chair she was sitting on. Her feet the same.

A devil smile came from the man near the door. “You’ll know later,” he said and he continued with his smoking.

Her last recollection was when Sam went out of the room and now, here she is, tied in a chair, in a room, God knows where.

There was a knock on the door and the guy smoking opened it.

“Sam! What the hell…. what are you doing here? Why am I tied? What’s the meaning of these?” Anger and fear were all over her face when she saw the man entering the room.

The man cut their distance. “A big mistake,” the man said. The voice unfamiliar to Sophia. Then he removed his mask. “Voila!”

“Who are you? What….” but the man put his pointing finger on her lips and shhhh her.

He moved towards the table and picked up the remote control. “Let’s just watch.”

She saw Sam being dragged by two men. His hands tied on his back. One guy kicked Sam in the legs. Sam fell down. The other guy pulled him up and hit Sam in the face.

“What are you doing this to us?” shouted Sophia. She was crying. The man did not bother to answer. Sam looked so horrible. Bloods dripping on her lips and nose.

“I am Nelia’s brother. The girl your husband killed. I am taking my revenge.”

“Please stop,” she pleaded. The man on the screen put a gun in Sam’s mouth. “Please stoppppppppppppppp!”

Then she was awake. She was drenched with sweat. She was crying. Her dream looked so real.

It had been a week since Sophia had learned about the secret of Sam. And it had also been a week since Sam had not come home. Sam left without saying a single word, or a note. And for the consecutive nights she was alone on their bed, the same dream had been coming back.

Sophia, although, morbidly shocked of what she learned, still cared for his husband, for afterall, they were married. She was perplexed between going to the police to report about what Sam did and just to keep silent and let things pass.

She looked at her watch, it was passed 8 in the morning. She tried to call Sam on his phone. Maybe this time it would ring, but as always, it was out of coverage. She ringed the phone in their office but Sam’s co-worker said that he had not come to work for a week now. She tried calling their friends, maybe they knew of his location or he could had crashed to their places, but Sam had not shown to any of them.

“Where are you Sam?” she asked herself.

She went to Sam’s private office, where she saw the journal the other week. She looked for it. The journal was nowhere to be found. She pushed the cabinets but it was not there. She noticed the box at the far side of the room. The box had always been there since she moved in. She never gave a damn about that box and now her curiosity was again as strong as the first time she laid eyes on the journal. She tried to open it but it was locked.

She ran to their room for the keys. She tried every key on the box but all the keys wont fit in. “The ax,” she remembered. It was in the small hut at the back of the house. It was where they store their woods. Sam would usually use the ax the cut firewoods every other day.

She stood and with big strides went to search for the ax.

She hit the lock of the box with the ax but the ax bounced. She felt the vibration of the classing of the two irons. She tried another time but the padlock would not budge. “How do I open this thing?” her patience was getting thin. He raised the ax and hit the padlock as hard as she can when the hook of the padlock separated from its body. “Thank goodness,” she muttered.

There were sketches in the box. Plenty of sketches of just two person – girls. “Who are these people?” she asked. They were beautiful women. She dig dipper into the box and she found the journal. There was also a medical laboratory result in the box. The medical laboratory result belonged to Sam. Her eyes scanned the paper.

“Oh, God!” She put her palm on her lips. She shuddered. “How… what…” Then tears fell from her eyes. She was crying. Her heart was filled with pity for her husband about what she just read.

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