Voluptuous..? Nectar…? -Requited…? Rekindle…?

Posted: September 19, 2016 in Uncategorized

I am not talking about my neighbor who has gone into trouble by trying to interpret the command “love thy neighbor as you love thy self” into a much higher, holistic and grandiosely romantic conundrum and a hide-and-seek scenario; so that when was caught, he fled, as in F-L-E-D, for fear of a bolo (big knife) that might end his happiness forever.

Neither am I talking about my friend, who had developed a multiple personality disorder and had fallen in love to his another personality – and now, he is still deluded by his illusions, still waiting for his love to be requited.

Not those things!

I am talking about a more crappy things like…

the serenity of being cuddled
the sweet nectar
sumptuous and voluptuous body
the salivating contoured appearance
the bliss of reaching the climax

Yes, those crappy things which my love made me feel!

I wish to rekindle it and bring back the fervor which was once upon a time my vest and sword.

I wish to rekindle the feeling that made me go insane and wrapped me with madness.

I miss it! I miss writing!




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