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On the left side along the way to Tadian, Mt. Province, and to the right side along the way to Bauko, Mt. Province during the initial screening for call center applicants, we passed through this infamous mountain, Mt. Clitoris (also called Mt. Mogao), (more…)

Applicants of Sagada

February 20-26 was a very exhausting week. We scoured the whole of Mt. Province to screen  call center applicants.  I did not know that I would be a member of the screening committee but I enjoyed it nonetheless. Three fourth of the total applicants for the whole of Mt. Province made it through, and that was good.

We reached Paracelis, Mt. Province @ past 5 in the afternoon of the 20th. We started the screening the following day, and the next day, we traveled out of Paracelis – passed (more…)