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Nonsense Post

Posted: August 4, 2011 in Funny Moments
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It has been a while since I’ve created a post on my blog. I’ve got no motivation to write and even when I have one, I just lost interest when I’ve had created my first paragraph. If only there’s a capsule that boosts interest in writing, I probably be one of those people in queue for that capsule. Another reason (well, I’ve got plenty of reasons, hahaha) is that, I’ve been busy with work and garena league of legends game; the latter specially as it consumed many of my  dull moments. I wish I have never learned how to play that game. I’m not good with it, though, but it is real fun playing it – I’m getting the hang of it, and am getting addicted to it.

This post is actually not connected with my introduction. Hahahaha. Ijust wanted to say that. Bu anyways, today is a nonsense blog, so here is a nonsense post.

It has been a month or a couple months when I saw a placard nailed on an electric wire post. The placard was written by police aspiring students (I forgot how you call their course). I believe that by posting things like this, they show their support to the anti drug program. I really am hoping that these acts are real from their hearts and not just for the sake of having something to post or just to pass the course.I know that a lot of them are using drugs, prohibited ones, but well, i should not judge them because I am not a judge (hahahaha). Putting aside their good intention, look carefully at the sentence… something does not stand right. Here is the placard: (more…)

When I was a kid, I loved science; well in a way. I was astounded by the things around me, especially when I would look up – the vast sky, twinkling stars in the night like diamonds…wehh.

Looking at the stars at night, while wee-weeing on the plants outside and listening to the rhyming music of my pee hitting the plants and the earth (which I still do sometimes), I would search for the brightest star, (more…)

What’s with my title? Wala lang, trip lang.Hahaha.

“She” here does not refer to my girlfriend – she’s not a monster… she’s a saint who acts not like one, hahaha, nor am I speaking of a girl I knew, I know or will know. “She” is not a pronoun but a noun. So whenever I say “She”, I speak of something…. something I call “She”. Hehe, inulit ko lang e.

She looked innocent, well, at first. Her small eye was white as the snow, and soft like the clouds, and her skin was red like a rose in full bloom. She did not speak nor said any words, she was silent like a  dumb cat sleeping on a rag. I stroked her so gently like a fragile crystal, avoiding any unnecessary action that might cause her to hurt nor make her flinch.

For many times, I’ve been told by my dad to visit the barber shop; I’m sporting long hair,but not that long. I want to know if long hair would fit me, that even with my girlfriend’s pressure on me to go on a haircut, I wont succumb. 😀 Frequently, I would hear her say, “Let’s go for a haircut,” and I would answer, “Sure, I’ll accompany you.” (more…)

The Guard Scolded Me!!!

Posted: May 18, 2011 in Funny Moments

Yesterday, my boss sent me to Ifugao State University (IFSU) to submit an advertisement for Nakem Conferences; and thus the title of this piece.

There are two entrances (and so I thought) on the gate to the school – one on the right, which is a smaller one, with signs like, no ID no entry, and the other entrance is on the left, which is bigger. There’s a barricade that divides the two entrances. (more…)

from my archive: feb. 1, 2009

Whew! Im back from my trip to Baguio! The sleepless travel and the feeling that my butt was punched for having to sit 6-7 hours in the bus was over. Smiling and energetic, I am that today.

Baguio was my preference for work because of its weather and I’ve got an aunt there who for sure could help me when I’m into troubles; thus, my application in a call center, Baguio. (more…)

Memoir of a Young Boy

Posted: April 14, 2011 in Funny Moments
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Living in a rural area, life was never easy for us; although our parents were able to sent us to school and they gave us baon ‘packed lunch, and money for mirienda’.

When I was at a young age, my mom would cook pan cake or turon ‘friend banana wrapped in flour’ and would sell it to the neighborhood. In an eager demeanor (although not all the time I was eager to sell because it would mean I cannot play), I would walk in the neighborhood and sell my goods.  I would sell them one peso each, and I go home with plenty of money.

My mom's pan cake did not look like this, but they resemble the same 😀


The Durian, bow!

Posted: March 31, 2011 in Funny Moments
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Durian is a fruit with a spiky shell :). It looks like a jackfruit but smaller in size.

I never had a chance to eat one until this morning. When I was in the elementary grade (more…)

Have you ever gone for a physical examination? Many are going through it around the globe everyday. When you apply for a job, you’ve got to undergo physical examination, when you want to go abroad, the same, and in some College Institutions, they require physical examination before admitting someone in their school. Indeed, physical examination is a must!

I used to be really ignorant regarding this thing until the day I was subjected to it. Of course, I often hear the words physical examination but what happens during a physical (more…)

As we trip down memory lane, we try to avoid the passageway to bad experiences. This is duly because the emotions are stirred and once again we feel the pain or the anguish of our hearts. But needless to say, the same bad experiences helped us in the molding of our lives. Those incidents made us stronger that we are able to brave the storms while we exist.

However, in the same passageway are the funny experiences that brought smiles and happiness in our life. These experiences contributed as well in our shaping. Either we cry or laugh, the good thing is, we learned.

It was the tenth of August of two thousand eight, (more…)