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I’m not trying to be the know-it-all guy here. Neither am I portraying myself a philosopher or to that effect. My ideas could be irrelevant in actuality,or nonsense to a more understanding mind or a more philosophic mind.


Into my Messy World

Reality. Existence. Illusion. Dream. Simulation. Those were just some of the words that came into my mind as I wonder if “I” really exist; if “I” really am the one thinking, if “I” really am what I am.

I was walking lazily on a street one late afternoon thinking of many things like how am I supposed to become a billionaire as the song “I wanna be a billionaire” echoed in my background. If I become rich, I thought, I would buy these and those to make my family happy. I’m going to build a big house and a pool with it. I’m going to do business. I’m going to employ the whole barangay in my farm, in my house and in some of my businesses. But then, I suddenly heard a trumpet sound of which beauty I haven’t heard yet in my life. Then the heavens opened and a light descended. My mind panicked. I felt (more…)


You looked at yourself in the mirror and you smiled. You know that those features and with your smile, you can make some girls blush, or if you’re a girl, you can startle men. If you’re a male – with your broad shoulder, nice body, thick eye brows and tantalizing eyes, and if you’re a female – with your sexy looks, your curly hair, your red lips and your tantalizing eyes, you confidently stepped out of your house. Walking and with pure energy you were really cool.

Then… out of nowhere, youre eyes caught a figure…a figure you were not ready to face, then you felt uneasy; you automatically, without a single blink, pictured yourself as compared with that image, inferior. As the person came close, his/her domineering aura overcame your little left confidence, then you felt like you were David and the person next to you was Goliath, stooping down on you, eyeing you, and a hideous smile painted on his/her lips   — all at once, any remaining confidence you had crumbled down to pieces; you lost your self confidence, you were soaked in a rain of “underdogness”. (more…)

I’m reminded of this topic whenever I see Kris Aquino. In many of her movies, when someone operates her phone, either her kids or her husband, without her knowledge, she would say in a calm and out of tune tone, “Please, respect my privacy,” and she would turn her back and walk away. (Peace to those who like Kris :P)

There are lots of wives doing that to their husbands, but to not dubbed I’m singling out women, may I add then that in “some cases,”[stress] men also do the same. But in general, women do that a lot. he he he [fish]

Now,my question is, should privacy be practiced between a husband and a wife? If so, up to what level? (more…)

The doctrine of salvation somehow divides the Christiandome. Some say that salvation is by faith alone, some say it is by grace and others say it is by grace and by faith, or is by work. Some also believe that it is by faith and by works, while some are more into by grace through faith or by grace through faith plus work. (more…)

Yes, evil exists!

The standard for morality is defined individually or shared between families and or in the community. These moral standards are contrived concepts and are relative. These standards created the dichotomy of good and evil. It means that the moral laws exist not to remind everyone that anyone falling short or found wanting in these standards of what is good, is evil, (more…)

This is my personal thought. Those who are easily offended to words considered illicit in his/her own standards are advised to continue reading; this may be a mind opener.

I wonder why many Filipinos are sexual and sexuality disoriented! They tend to react violently when (more…)

This is an old joke but I find it funny. Presenting my favorite character, Juan and his teacher. In the classroom: (more…)

Then God Must be Existing!

Posted: March 15, 2011 in Philosophy (daw)
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Are you Juan or Pedro? Look at Juan’s and Pedro’s premises and how they concluded their arguments about God’s existence. This is the usual case of today. (more…)

Is it Love or Money?

Posted: March 14, 2011 in Philosophy (daw)

Which is more important, Love or Money?

Oh yeah, this is some kind of an ancient question, a question worth leaving in the ‘baul ni lola Basyang’ yet still worth asking ourselves.


Which do you choose? (more…)

For centuries, the origin of man has been one of the centers of debate between atheists and theists; the first clinging on the so-called scientific view, and the latter to the theistic view or creation view. This issue is a “hot-spot” for all times that professionals and non-professionals alike spew pun and mockery against each other.

The Scientific View suggests many explanations on the origin of man but among those many theories, evolution is the most known. Evolution explains that there is no design in the cosmos but rather everything is in a constant flux and everything thereof is a product of change overtime. There are at least seven stages in the evolution theory but the most known is the (more…)

This must be the trust I am referring to!

I do not intend to mean when I say trust the brand of the elastic rubber which you buy in drug stores or any stores or taken free from your friends. Neither do I mean trust, the verb, the action to mean, to shove deeper and deeper. What I mean to say is the noun trust… the feeling, or something to do with feelings, belongingness, trust that is needed for a relationship to last long, trust that is needed to succeed, trust that is needed before you yield your life over someone, trust which is one foundation of love, (more…)