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Bridge on Broken Dreams

Walking on a bridge
That leads to nowhere
While pain lingers around
Catching every step I make.

Aking Pagsinta

Posted: July 10, 2012 in Poetry (emotional flush)

Aking Pagsinta


Ang iyong karikta’y sadyang kahali-halina
Panlabas mong kaanyuan ay maganda
Panloob din nama’y lalong dakila.

Mga haplos ng iyong mapagpalang kamay
Nagpapalakas sa kaloobang matamlay (more…)


Posted: July 9, 2012 in Poetry (emotional flush)
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This is just a simple poem about someone who admires somebody but unable to express.




How will I say the word
Of my passion and love
Of what my mind tells
Of who my heart beats?

How will I say the words (more…)


Posted: July 9, 2012 in Poetry (emotional flush)
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Bawat hagod sa aking katawan
Anong sarap aking naramdaman
Sadyang hindi ko mapigilan
Mga ungol ng kasiyahan. (more…)


Posted: July 7, 2012 in Poetry (emotional flush)
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This is a poem about somebody who admires someone but finds no courage to go and speak to that someone.



Hiding in the crowds
Admiring you from afar
Looking at your beauty
Searching for your heart.

Unspoken words for you (more…)


This poem was made for someone. A request actually. Although Im not good with poems, I was able to come up with this one. It’s no excellent one, nor a pro made, but even then, I hope I met what that guy wanted me to say in this poem.



Second to None

Blind eyes and deaf ears
Only hues and selective words to hear
Folded knees, indifference
A dupe’s love’s essence

But am I also a fool
Getting hit and ruled (more…)

Guess the Title

Posted: July 6, 2012 in Poetry (emotional flush)
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This poem was designed to titillate the mind. To make the mind imagine. To walk into decadence. However, while things get better and better, it’s real intention is to pull you back, and ask yourself, why did I thought of such things.



His hands turned me naked
He salivated looking at my glory;
He dived on me.

He licked me like a pro
And I felt his tongue enclosed me; (more…)


This poem was made for a friend. The title actually, or seemingly in odd with the contents. But by context, since the one this poem is addressed to, is someone who looks forward to a better future, hence the title. The contents then fit in. A probability of a fantasy future.


Glimpse of the Future
in the darkness of the night
a girl is on sight
singing melancholy
sobbing in agony

she looks in the sky
and she wonders why (more…)

I will Wait

Posted: April 4, 2012 in Poetry (emotional flush)
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I Will Wait

I was walking alone
Searching for someone
Then you hit me like a cyclone
Like no one has ever done.

We built the friendship
Step by step
Until it grew deep
So, to speak.

One day I woke up
And everything was different
You became my buttercup
In my amazement.

But as you are yet to bounce up
From that not braw relationship you had –
The breakup
Myself to you I will clad.

I will be waiting
Untill you’re ready
As my love ascending
And be my lady.

Feeling Alone

Posted: April 4, 2012 in Poetry (emotional flush)

Feeling alone

i feel alone
sitting on a throne

then i let loose
and i lost focus
simultaneously I heard the sound
like a dropped bomb

the stench odour lingers
so i cover my nose with my fingers
but to no avail
i fail

i jog my head
i need not be alone
so i was off to roam
out of the comfort room.


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Unbearable cross on my shoulder;
Death is just two steps away
But why is it denied me?

I look at a thing, shining and inviting
With sharp edges and pointed end;
But death is still a step away.

Maybe I need courage,
Two bottles and I find it;
Death is just now a half step away.

Again I look at that thing with a sad face
But now I’m brave –
Then I fell.
Finally, demise has come to me.

Ang Pulubi, Bow

Ako ay tumingin sa iyo
Mata ko’y nagsusumano
Nakataas isang kamay ko
Binibigkas, “Ma, limos po.”

Isip ko’y lumipad
At sa kung saan-saan napadpad;
Pagkat itsurang mo’y mabait
Mukhang mapaglang labis.

Nang ikay tumingin sakin
Mga matay parang sa lawin
Gusto akong dagitin
Gamit mga kukong matatalim.

Ako ay napahiya
Ikaw ay nagmura,
“’Tang ina mo,
Magbanat ka ng buto.”

Ako ay yumuko
Iniwas ang paningin ko
Ibinaba ang kamay ko
At binigkas, “Sorry po.”

Akoy tumayo mula sa aking pwesto
Umiika-ikang umalis, dala ang lata ko;
Mga luhay dumadaloy sa puso ko
Dahil sa mga masasakit na salitang pinakawalan mo.

“Ano nga bang alam mo sakin,
Piniling malugmok sa lugar na madilim?
Pinilit kong magtrabaho, ngunit itoy ipinagkakait sakin,
Dahil sa twing makikita ako, bigla silang iiling.

Sana lang huwag akong husgahan
Dahil may damdamin din akong nasasaktan
Akoy din ay isang nilalang
Tulad ninyong taong isinilang.