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This must be the trust I am referring to!

I do not intend to mean when I say trust the brand of the elastic rubber which you buy in drug stores or any stores or taken free from your friends. Neither do I mean trust, the verb, the action to mean, to shove deeper and deeper. What I mean to say is the noun trust… the feeling, or something to do with feelings, belongingness, trust that is needed for a relationship to last long, trust that is needed to succeed, trust that is needed before you yield your life over someone, trust which is one foundation of love, (more…)

Kumukulog. Dumadagundong. Malakas ang hampas ng hangin kasabay ng pagpatak ng ulan. Mag-uumaga na. Alas tres na ng umaga pero ang aking mga mata ay dilat, pilit nilalabanan ang antok. Ang aking isipan ay punong-puno ng mga tanong sa buhay. Ang buhay na puno ng pighati. Ang buhay na puno ng masasalimuot na kapalaran. Para ba’ng ang mundo ay hindi umiinog para sa lahat kundi ito’y umiikot lamang para sa iilan.

Walang tilaok ng manok ng umagang iyon. (more…)

—–This poem is dedicated to all the moms out there——

There is a woman I know
A woman of love, devotion and care;
Her feelings, her sorrows and pains
So profound to be understood so less I care…

The woman, one time for less than a year
Nurtured a man she carried
To protect him, her wings she hovered
Taking all the pains;
Sacrificing everything;
What a virtue she has, just to protect the man who knew her not! (more…)

“Tammel,” cries my grandma, calling me.

“Tammel” with the ‘l’ pronounced nearly as ‘r’ with the tongue twisted and curled up, that’s how she calls me, instead of ‘Samuel’ as others say my name. Her problem of pronouncing the ‘s’ sound is due to her native language that lacks ‘s’ – and so ‘s’ is replaced with ‘t’.

“Nape?” I usually query when she calls for me (or anyone) whenever I reach her seat. “Na-pe” means why.

“Munha`ang a mo ten nunalgo. Ayagam nadan iibbam ta mangan ayu,” (more…)

He felt tremulous – his ideologies started to fade away, his torch of hope flickered as the cool breeze of doubt embraced and penetrated his mind; even the faith he had, began to crumble into pieces; his reality and truth collided with illusion…he was drifting to a vacuum. His colorful word started to (more…)