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I am not talking about my neighbor who has gone into trouble by trying to interpret the command “love thy neighbor as you love thy self” into a much higher, holistic and grandiosely romantic conundrum and a hide-and-seek scenario; so that when was caught, he fled, as in F-L-E-D, for fear of a bolo (big knife) that might end his happiness forever.

Neither am I talking about my friend, who had developed a multiple personality disorder and had fallen in love to his another personality – and now, he (more…)

Nagpaskil si Padre kung paano daw namin naiintindihan ang mga salitang ito:
How do you know, that you know, that the mind knows, that it knows?
Kung kayat, naisip ko,bakit nga ba di ko ilagay ang naiisip ko? Kayat eto na… eto na nga ang naisip ko.
Nakatatak sa Utak ko

Nalito si Ako

I was oblivious at first with the statement, “How do you know that you know that the mind knows that it knows?” Napapaisip ako kung anong ibig sabihin nito. Tanong ka sa isip ko, “Bakit THAT yun at hindi WHAT?” Kung kayat, sa aking paglalakbay patungo sa pag-unawa, nagpaskil ako ng tanong sa hiblang gagamba (web thread) kung THAT ba talaga iyon at hindi WHAT.

Ngunit walang sagot sa aking paskil. Kayat noong makita kong nasa loob ng bahay-gagamba (website) sa mukhang libro (facebook) ang butihin nating Parokyanong walang Parokya, si Padre, nagpaskil ako sa dingding (wall posting) ng tanong patungkol sa kanyang patimpalak. Tinanong ko sya kung THAT ba talaga iyon at hindi WHAT.

Kung ang tanong ay ganito:

Kung mapapalitan ang THAT at magiging WHAT, eto ang kalalabasan: How do you know that you know that the mind knows what it knows? Mas simple ang tanong, at mas simple ang sagot. Parang ganito lang yan, “Paano mo nalalaman na ikaw (more…)

Ikalawang Yugto
Ikalawang Yugto ng Simula ng Katapusan

“Tol, anong gusto mong miryenda?” tanong ni Letty kay Ronrix sa tonong pilit pinapalaki ang boses habang mataman nya itong tinititigan. Nakaupo sila sa harap ng isang lamesa sa kanilang school canteen. Kasama nila si Loid, isa din nilang kaibigan.

“Kumurap ka naman,” ang biglang sabi ni Loid kay Letty, “napaghahalata ka tuloy. Huwag mo namang ipahalata sakin.” Ang malamang sabi ni Loid na may kasamang pagtatampo sa boses nito.

“Huh!” Namumula mula si Letty. “Ano bang pinagsasabi mo? Umayos ka, makakatikim ka sakin,” ang pabiro pa nitong sabi matapos makabawi.

Ngumiti ng may kasamang lungkot si Loid. “Ako ba, di mo ba tatanungin kung anong miryenda ang gusto ko? Magtatampo na ako nyan.”

“Isa, isa lang pre, mahina ang kalaban,” ang sagot naman ni Letty. “Pagkatapos ko dito kay pareng Ronrix, ikaw naman susunod na tatanungin ko.”

Walang imik si Ronrix, malayo sa kanila ang kanyang isip.

“Tol?” tanong ulit ni Letty (more…)

Why I Write

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This was supposed to be an essay. A friend told us (me and my other friends in the Literati) to write why we write and I came up with this. In the end, there are things that I discovered. First, I write but I am not a writer. Second, I make poems but I am not a poet. And third, how do I call myself, then.


Why I Write

A newbie or a novice, you may call me that way in the arena of writing. Learning and discovering new things, which are ingredients towards better writing, are inevitable along this path. Discouragements and criticisms as well are like sharp stones scattered on the road that can prick the sole of the foot anytime; and it hurts!

I don’t quite remember the time when I started writing. All I know is that, as a young boy, learning my abc’s tickled my desire to reading. However, the things I read were (more…)


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Sanity where art thou?
Embrace me with your presence,
Envelop me with your tranquility,
I want you now.
Take me by your side,
Show me the road to rationally
And enlighten me.
Don’t hide beneath the dark clouds,
Illuminate your face
And fill my emptiness.
Come back my sanity,
Give me reasons to live
Before I fall dead.

Dota O Gelpren

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Dota O Gelpren?

Si DOTA nag iisa lang sa mundo, si GF napakarami nyan
Si GF iiwanan ka din nyan, si DOTA Hindi
Si GF nagagalit kapag nagdoDOTA ka, si DOTA hindi nagagalit kapag nag GF ka
Si DOTA 20 pesos lang masaya na, si GF baka 200 pesos baka di pa masaya
Pagnakakita ka ng ibang hero, di nagagalit si DOTA
Pero pag nakakita ka ng ibang babae, nagagalit si GF
Si GF kapag iniwan mo mahirap kang balikan, si DOTA kapag iniwan mohanda ka pa ring tanggapin

Ano mas gusto mo? Dota o GF?

Ang mga liriko sa itaas ay halaw sa kantang “Dota O Ako”. Napapaisip ako tuwing naririnig ko ang kantang iyan. Sino nga ba ang mas mahalaga DOTA o gelpren?

Actually di naman ako mahilig sa DOTA aka Defense of the Ancient. Ang madalas ko lang nilalaro sa Garena ay ang League of Legends o LOL. Parang DOTA din ito. (more…)

[note: this is an official entry for the Symbianize 5th Year Anniversary Essay/Article Writing Contest, submitted by mine_10]

A Life with Symbianize


At first, I have no idea what Symbinize was all about, then suddenly a friend of mine told me that there was this site that offers massive applications on mobile phones. I didn’t know that from the time that I have registered on this site would make a big change in my life.

I started browsing along the pages and I spent most of the time in S60 APPS Section.  From there, I was able to meet different types of persons. I did learn so many tips and tricks that I wouldn’t have expected that it even exist. I was so amazed when I get to have an application on my mobile phone that let’s me surf on the net without any charges. Day to day it has been my routine to always visit the site and I kept on meeting similar persons. Eventually, these persons had been my good friend and I owe a lot from them for letting me learn a lot of things with regards on mobile software. Later on, a member told me about general chat section. From symbian applications that has always been my hang out, from the time I woke up until I go to sleep, I flew on the said section and start meeting new friends.

My interest in this site goes deeper as I started to get along with new users. I felt so much joy when I am able to chat with then from simple things to deeper topics. In fact, Symbianize is the first forum site I have joined with, and I have no idea that this would be a great experience for me, and I can say that being a member in here is regretless. As I have said, from the moment I wake up, Symbianize is one of the things that firstly comes in my mind and it has been already a big part of my life. My whole day would not be complete if I did not get on-line in this site. Chatting around with my friends in here makes me feel better and when I am not doing something in real life, I can simply talk to them to burn some of my time.

Every forum has its rules, and because of these rules you could come up with self-discipline.  That’s what I have learned here. In fact, there are times that I am annoyed with other people’s behavior in here and I tend to say foul words against them. As a result, I received my infraction. I know I did something wrong and again this fault sets as a learning. From then, whenever I read some posts from other member and I think it goes beyond the rules, I just simply click the report button. And it’s up to the moderators for them to decide what to do. There’s one thing that I adopted here into the real life. It is whenever there is an argument, don’t flame and just stay calm.

Eventually, my girlfriend got curious on what Symbiainze was all about. She kept on thinking why I am always busy on my phone browsing along the site. Then I suggested her to register for her to find out what it is. And now, we are both a happy member on this site and we keep enjoying the moments we shared together with our cyber friends. What more can I say? Symbianize got all the coolest stuffs you could ever find plus the coolest friends you could ever meet. And now, Symbianize would always be a part of my life.


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I closed my eyes to welcome darkness
of tranquility and peace,
Free from agony and pain –
It’s total numbness.

Sweet aroma of the grass vanished
and the fresh morning dew ceased;
I can’t hear the still waves of the sea
nor feel the cool breeze.

The sun does not reach my place
nor a speck of light!
I’m hidden beneath the earth,
encumbered in a four walls room.

My tears teem down as I cry in silence;
I speak like a mute, denied of a voice;
No one hears my words because
I am dead!


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Been out for quite many days… i mean months, and I’m hoping that my title alone explains the reason for being so. Haist…got a very long story to tell. Bear with me, otherwise, I’m gonna kick your butt with my new kungfu style kick. I bet it would hurt —– badly, the way the boil in my butt hurt awesomely (past tense na yan, oi!)

So, let me narrate my story, my fairy tale story that began two months ago. But wait, let me begin with this warning… heed this, for any violators will be shot and the survivors will be shot again: some words are not suited for minor readers. Parental guidance is recommended. If parents are not around, proceed anyway.

The Beginning

I never thought that I will be writing about PLDT. They sucked… and they sucked good and deep, by the way.

Three months had passed since the day I went to a PLDT branch (more…)

What’s with my title? Wala lang, trip lang.Hahaha.

“She” here does not refer to my girlfriend – she’s not a monster… she’s a saint who acts not like one, hahaha, nor am I speaking of a girl I knew, I know or will know. “She” is not a pronoun but a noun. So whenever I say “She”, I speak of something…. something I call “She”. Hehe, inulit ko lang e.

She looked innocent, well, at first. Her small eye was white as the snow, and soft like the clouds, and her skin was red like a rose in full bloom. She did not speak nor said any words, she was silent like a  dumb cat sleeping on a rag. I stroked her so gently like a fragile crystal, avoiding any unnecessary action that might cause her to hurt nor make her flinch.

Dear Textm8

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Nasa bahay ako, nakikinig sa mga kwentuhan ng mga matatanda. Tumpak, kwentuhan ng mga matatanda. Pero di naman ako matanda. In fact, I feel like that I’m still on my teenage years, although my face proves otherwise. Pero nataon kase na nakaupo ako kung saan sila nakaupo kaya hayun, kahit ayaw kong makinig sa mga kwentuhan nila, napilitan akong makinig (pinilit lang ako). (more…)

It is fun hearing Miriam Santiago answers questions during interviews or during privilege speeches.