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Posted: March 9, 2011 in Poetry (emotional flush)
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My heart beats fast whenever she’s around
My throat dries up when she smiles
I stagger to speak when she shows up
That is when I know I am in love

Every moment, I think of her
So, everyday, I have my love letter
Every weekend, three roses so red
That is when I learn to court her

One thing leads to another
On the isle we march together
In the altar we bow together
And shar our promises of forever

Years passed then I heard laughter
We had our angels that kept us together;
More years passed and I had my grandson, my granddaughter
That’s when I have my big family, my heir

Now I’m old and soon will pass
And the laughter will soon demise
But I pray that when I die
That I’ve finished my race and so’ll have a great smile.