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Infidel Mind

Posted: March 9, 2011 in English
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She was the envy of many. She got all what she wanted – boys, things, and she was one step ahead to the limelight of stardom. There never was a time that she was ignored by boys for she was the fantasy of every Adam, and she got friends who always were jealous of her luscious beauty, thinking why they were not blessed with the same. With just a smile, she would perturb the guys… but that was until one day, when she realized she did not have everything she wanted.

She glanced at herself for the last time on the big-sized mirror before she made her way out of the house to meet her boyfriend. She was wearing an old faded fit blue jeans that showed her big sexy butt and long legs. She paired it with a red short shirt. On top of her shirt was an open black jacket that suited her well, (more…)