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Posted: March 9, 2011 in Poetry (emotional flush)
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My heart beats fast whenever she’s around
My throat dries up when she smiles
I stagger to speak when she shows up
That is when I know I am in love

Every moment, I think of her
So, everyday, I have my love letter
Every weekend, three roses so red
That is when I learn to court her

One thing leads to another
On the isle we march together
In the altar we bow together
And shar our promises of forever

Years passed then I heard laughter
We had our angels that kept us together;
More years passed and I had my grandson, my granddaughter
That’s when I have my big family, my heir

Now I’m old and soon will pass
And the laughter will soon demise
But I pray that when I die
That I’ve finished my race and so’ll have a great smile.

Dedicated to Grandma

Posted: March 8, 2011 in Poetry (emotional flush)
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I created this poem the day my grandma died. This is in her memory.

And in your demise, we will remember how great you were to us.

Life is a mist, a vapor and a moment
Staying with us for a small time and now is adjournment,
Sharing us thy love and goodness
Thy countenance brought happiness.
As ye muster thy last breath
and dost slumber in peace
In thine God’s bosom, thou shalt sit
And what ye wrought and sheweth
in that wilt thou shalt be remembered.