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This poem was made for someone. A request actually. Although Im not good with poems, I was able to come up with this one. It’s no excellent one, nor a pro made, but even then, I hope I met what that guy wanted me to say in this poem.



Second to None

Blind eyes and deaf ears
Only hues and selective words to hear
Folded knees, indifference
A dupe’s love’s essence

But am I also a fool
Getting hit and ruled (more…)

I do not know the title of this poetry. I just found it somewhere and I like how it was made. Here it is

the title is WHO’S LATE (as said by Vin), lamat tol

She knows tonight will be like that, a mushy girl inside,
When he asked the question, “will you please become my bride?”
Just the thought of hearing it just fills her heart with glee,
They will join together now until eternity. (more…)

Nang unang araw na ako’y iyong masilayan
Naramdaman ko, gusto mo akong tadyakan
Ngunit nagtimpi ka, kunyaring wala lan’
Pero minu-minuto, akoy pinagdidiskitahan. (more…)


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Your cute little eyes
Do not focus on me
You never see the simple me. (more…)

The teleserye of ABS-CBN Mara Clara has become a hit drama; old people and youngsters alike are equally hooked to it, anticipating what would happen next. Moreover, although I am no fan of the drama, I find it very fascinating that I hear it everywhere I go. The acting and the story must be so effective and affective that people cannot help themselves (more…)


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There are times when we accidentally fall for someone we do not know. It simply just happens and we can not find any logical explanations. Then we find ourselves sour grapping.

You move mysteriously
Playing with your identity
Now I’m in total disaster
Thinking of you when I shouldn’t be
Hoping that you would have a glimpse of me

I don’t know why? Neither can I understand how (more…)

This must be the trust I am referring to!

I do not intend to mean when I say trust the brand of the elastic rubber which you buy in drug stores or any stores or taken free from your friends. Neither do I mean trust, the verb, the action to mean, to shove deeper and deeper. What I mean to say is the noun trust… the feeling, or something to do with feelings, belongingness, trust that is needed for a relationship to last long, trust that is needed to succeed, trust that is needed before you yield your life over someone, trust which is one foundation of love, (more…)


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—created for a friend who thought there was no hope—-

Desperation and despair envelop us,
We cry and resign; we yield and not fight back,
Our feet shake and we tumble down.

The sun hides its glorious face,
Even a speck of it’s light is denied us,
We bow our head desolated. (more…)

Kumukulog. Dumadagundong. Malakas ang hampas ng hangin kasabay ng pagpatak ng ulan. Mag-uumaga na. Alas tres na ng umaga pero ang aking mga mata ay dilat, pilit nilalabanan ang antok. Ang aking isipan ay punong-puno ng mga tanong sa buhay. Ang buhay na puno ng pighati. Ang buhay na puno ng masasalimuot na kapalaran. Para ba’ng ang mundo ay hindi umiinog para sa lahat kundi ito’y umiikot lamang para sa iilan.

Walang tilaok ng manok ng umagang iyon. (more…)

Part 1

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A Night Lover
by Samwel

Chapter 1.

Maliwanag ang buwan. Para itong hari na matayog na nakatayo sa kalangitan dahil ang mga ulap ay tila ilag na tabingan ito. Ang liwanag na dala nito, bagamat kadalasang tinatawag na romantiko para sa dalawang nag-iibigan na nakatingin dito, ay kabaliktaran naman para sa mga naninirahan sa isang liblib na pook sa isang probinsya sa Pilipinas, sa San Agustin. Ang liwanag na dala nito ay nagbabadya ng isang panganib. Isang panganib para sa lahat ng mga naninirahan sa San Agustin.

Ang liwanag na tumatanglaw sa baryo San Agustin ay sinasabayan ng alulong ng mga aso na nagbigay pa lalo ng takot at kilabot sa lahat ng naninirahan dito. Ang mga ilaw sa bawat bahay ay nakasindi at lumulusot ang liwanag palabas ng mga bahay mula sa mga siwang ng mga bintana at mga pinto. (more…)

picture taken on the net

For those who are in-love and think that it’s all that matters; that even death has no power over them, neither would it dare have a peek ofthem – only angels showering them flowers and lurking them to their enchanted singing, finding themselves in awe of the eternal blazing fire in their hearts:

The flowers are blooming
With the wind, the leaves are dancing
The birds are singing
Melodies so sweet and pleasing.

That’s how it feels to be in-love – everything is (more…)

—–This poem is dedicated to all the moms out there——

There is a woman I know
A woman of love, devotion and care;
Her feelings, her sorrows and pains
So profound to be understood so less I care…

The woman, one time for less than a year
Nurtured a man she carried
To protect him, her wings she hovered
Taking all the pains;
Sacrificing everything;
What a virtue she has, just to protect the man who knew her not! (more…)