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Erica Bids Goodbye

Posted: March 9, 2011 in English
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Erica Bids Goodbye
by Samwel

He put his hands on her shoulder. There was a twitch in her body. She looked like she bounced back to reality. Her eyes became restless, looking at him. He noticed the fear in her eyes. Then tears started to build up. She seemed confused. She started to sob and then tears rolled down her cheeks. Then a little voice hurting squeaked, “No… don’t, please.”

“What’s happening Erica?” queried Mr. Green. He looked at Erica closely. He moved his hands off the girl’s shoulder. “What’s wrong Erica,” he repeated. The whole class’ focus was on Erica. She was acting weird. She would be present physically in class but her mind seemingly out wondering somewhere. (more…)

—–This poem is dedicated to all the moms out there——

There is a woman I know
A woman of love, devotion and care;
Her feelings, her sorrows and pains
So profound to be understood so less I care…

The woman, one time for less than a year
Nurtured a man she carried
To protect him, her wings she hovered
Taking all the pains;
Sacrificing everything;
What a virtue she has, just to protect the man who knew her not! (more…)