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I do not know the title of this poetry. I just found it somewhere and I like how it was made. Here it is

the title is WHO’S LATE (as said by Vin), lamat tol

She knows tonight will be like that, a mushy girl inside,
When he asked the question, “will you please become my bride?”
Just the thought of hearing it just fills her heart with glee,
They will join together now until eternity. (more…)

A Friend

Posted: March 9, 2011 in Poetry (emotional flush)
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—made for my friend, Shane—

I’ve got a story
A story from eternity
A story of humanity
A story of how it came to be.

After my creation
God in His compassion
Made another person; (more…)


Posted: March 9, 2011 in Poetry (emotional flush)
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My heart beats fast whenever she’s around
My throat dries up when she smiles
I stagger to speak when she shows up
That is when I know I am in love

Every moment, I think of her
So, everyday, I have my love letter
Every weekend, three roses so red
That is when I learn to court her

One thing leads to another
On the isle we march together
In the altar we bow together
And shar our promises of forever

Years passed then I heard laughter
We had our angels that kept us together;
More years passed and I had my grandson, my granddaughter
That’s when I have my big family, my heir

Now I’m old and soon will pass
And the laughter will soon demise
But I pray that when I die
That I’ve finished my race and so’ll have a great smile.