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Why I Write

Posted: July 6, 2012 in Uncategorized
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This was supposed to be an essay. A friend told us (me and my other friends in the Literati) to write why we write and I came up with this. In the end, there are things that I discovered. First, I write but I am not a writer. Second, I make poems but I am not a poet. And third, how do I call myself, then.


Why I Write

A newbie or a novice, you may call me that way in the arena of writing. Learning and discovering new things, which are ingredients towards better writing, are inevitable along this path. Discouragements and criticisms as well are like sharp stones scattered on the road that can prick the sole of the foot anytime; and it hurts!

I don’t quite remember the time when I started writing. All I know is that, as a young boy, learning my abc’s tickled my desire to reading. However, the things I read were (more…)