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Maricar 2

Posted: April 4, 2012 in Maricar
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Chapter 2

4 years ago.

“I really would like to come with you,” Maricar was trying to explain to her husband while undoing the shirts and the pants from their wardrobe, folding them neatly and putting them in a traveling bag, “but how about Vicky?”

“Yaya Luring is here. She’ll take care of Vicky,” Haiden reasoned to his wife.

He step out from the wash room and went close to her. He cuddled her from behind and kissed her fair colored neck.

She turned around not breaking from her husband’s hands around her, faced him and noticed the newly growing hair on his upper lip and lower jaw. He still looked handsome and neat, though. She put her hands around his neck and rested her weight on her toes and raised her body and reached for his lips.
This was the man that made her mind go crazy. (more…)


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Contents and some words used in this piece are not suited for very young audiences. Patnubay ng magulang ay kailangan. Kung wala ang mga magulang, basahin sa inyong kuarto. Salamat.


Chapter 1

His hand playing, tracing every curve of her face from her forehead to her eyes, to her nose then to her lips – to where his finger stayed longer, then to her chin.

With his pointing finger, he slowly and delicately moved her face towards his. They were looking eye to eye. Her eyes were tantalizing black, which may be an understatement, but they really were. It’s one of those that cannot be taken for granted parts of her body.

He slowly moved his face towards her. Her dimples appeared. She was smiling. Those were what caught his attention the first time he saw her. They were deep. (more…)

Pong, Antonia!

Posted: September 19, 2011 in English, Just some Random Stories, Tagalog

The streets are isolated. The queues of street lights flicker and some are already dead. It has been a year or so since they were replaced; the officials are now busy in politics or they just don’t care – they have their own errands to attend to. Seldom were there crimes in the place, however, which is the opposite of what is expected in a place like that, not because the people are afraid of doing crimes, but because they don’t have to, and more so, no one goes outside in the pitch of the night; no one except those who feign their valor and those who really need money, that they gamble their lives.

Occasionally you hear the barking and the whining of the street dogs and cats. The trash bins are scattered by the dogs in search for food to fill their stomacks but no one cares among the denizens about that. And in the far end of the one particular street, a woman, in her young age, is running. Her breathings are heavy and her heart pounds so fast. She is soaked in her sweat. Some of her long black hair cover her eyes. Some also are in her pale thin lips. She pushes them at the back of her ears with her tiny hands and small fingers, and as she does, she wipes her sweat-covered face with her dirty hand although she doesn’t care how dirty they are.


Nang Umibig Ako
by Samwel

Chapter 2

A las kuatro y medya palang ay gising na si Persofina. Nagluluto na siya ng pagkain. Eksaktong a las singko y media ay nakahanda na ang agahan. Kumain na siya at naligo at nagbihis. She was excited on her first day of work At dahil unang araw, a las siete y medya palang ay nasa opisina na siya. Ayaw niyang sa unang araw niya sa kompanyang kanyang papasukan ay male-late na siya.

Naglalakad siya sa lobby ng kumpanya nang may tumikhim at kumalabit sa kanya.

“Ay, Dios por Santo,” ang bigkas niya dahil sa pagkagulat. (more…)

Horror and Error

Posted: March 8, 2011 in English, Tagalog
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Horror and Error
by Samwel

The moon was shining in silvery color. I was panting hard. The water on the paved street reflected the moons’ full image which heightened my trembling. The street dog howled again for the third time. My sweat was all over my face down to my neck then down my back and else where.  I was shaking hard. I can hear my heart’s beat. I felt my hot breath on my lips. I was whispering my prayers to God to protect me. My eyes were wide open; (more…)